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Welcome autumn and its atmospheres with the novelties of the IKEA catalog. The most beautiful ideas and the latest collections selected for you in our image gallery.

Ikea Catalog October 2022: 7 new ideas
Long IKEA wooden cabinet

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THE season changes they are excellent opportunities to revisit something and welcome new colors into the home. Rather than being put down by the end of summer and holidays, take advantage of this period to change the look of a room or add some new details to your decor.

To do it with IKEA it’s a pleasure: every month many new proposals, for every environment and suitable to integrate with all styles. And always at the very advantageous prices of the brand: just browse the catalog to collect the first ideas and, with a visit to one of the many stores, home shopping is guaranteed.

We took a look at the latest news of the periodwith some of the new IKEA products to celebrate the arrival of October and autumn. Enjoy the mood of the new season pampering you with IKEA news: some of the most interesting and convenient proposals in the images of our gallery.

Ikea Catalog October 2022: 7 new ideas
White furniture for IKEA hall

1. Space to relax

Ikea Catalog October 2022: 7 new ideas

If with the autumn you happen to feel yourselves a little lazier than usual, do not be alarmed, it happens to many! The change of season brings with itin most cases, desire for comfort: accomplices the first cold and the days that get shorter, here we are want the relaxation of our stay.

At IKEA you will find many solutions to think about your sweet doing nothing: for October 2022 here is the reinterpretation of a great classic. There Poang armchair is an old acquaintance of the brand’s collections, but it is proposed with a whole new coverage, to be coordinated with other items in the line. His birch wood structure, flexible and resistant, it is perfectly ergonomic and allows a pleasant suspension. Poang it is also a footrestto enjoy 360 ° relaxation!

2. A welcoming and hospitable home

Ikea Catalog October 2022: 7 new ideas

THE soft colors Palettes chosen for IKEA’s autumn line will envelop and dress your rooms. In section dedicated to textiles, you will find many new ideas, in addition to the classic lines and the workhorses of the Swedish brand. If you are fond of the accessories and furnishing accessories that have made the brand famous, you will find among the news new releaseswith different but equally beautiful palettes and styles.

Vejstrupfor example, for the fall she dresses in white and beige, for a welcoming entrance, for the bathroom, or to be next to the bed: a practical short-pile rug that is very easy to wash. Her abstract lines decorate the floor in a pleasant wayand the delicate palette chosen makes it coordinated with many nuances.

3. New patterns for IKEA textiles

Ikea Catalog October 2022: 7 new ideas

A always winning color combinationwhatever style you want in your room: the black and white duo also returns in the new autumn season. For the month of October, among the news of the section special of IKEA online catalogwe find the Nackrosmott tents: two sheets 100% cottonwith a new, delicate decoration.

Legs or leaves? The cute drawing of this curtain gives ample space to your imagination: its colors are suitable to be inserted and coordinated with any room in the house. Equipped with hidden passersby for a convenient sliding opening, ideal for protecting the privacy of your rooms.

4. Natural materials

Ikea Catalog October 2022: 7 new ideas

Who said that certain materials are only suitable for a few seasons? Straw, wicker, raffia and other natural fibers they are ideal to preserve some of the typically summer mood also during the rest of the year.

At home, from the kitchen, to the living room to the bathroom and the sleeping area, keep small natural touches even during autumn: theirs genuine and delicate appearance and soft colors they will inspire you even in the cold months. As with Trummis: an article essential for reorderinga series of accessories designed for those who want to keep everything close at hand, and do it paying attention to the beauty of their interiors. Therefore, even for autumn, the natural look will conquer you.

5. Space for new accessories

Ikea Catalog October 2022: 7 new ideas

Season change means also put away items and accessories used in the summer to make room for everything that is used in autumn: the first plaids, sweaters, or perhaps hats and scarves for the first sudden cold. To have everything in order but still close at hand it is essential in the house.

It is used to have functional environments, without giving up the possibility of recovering, if necessary, what we need during the day. With IKEA the elegant tidying mission it’s a breeze, thanks to the boxes Nimm: with a clean and linear design, they are also ideal to be kept on shelves and drawers. From small items to documents: with the various formats of Nimm everything will find the right place in home.

6. Give yourself a touch of pastel color

Ikea Catalog October 2022: 7 new ideas

Another great autumn must: who said that we should give up the soft palettes and delicate? If you are lovers of pastel colors, with the arrival of the cold, do not put them away waiting for the return of spring. In IKEA you will find many proposals to surround yourself with your favorite palettes in a pleasant way and with the touches of the brand, always at low and super convenient prices.

A new seat for the dining room, bedroom or kitchen? Choose Glamsenwith his rounded and enveloping linessafe for lumbar support, therefore extremely comfortable, in one very delicate blue. Perfect for bringing the touch of light and freshness you need to cheer up the colder seasons.

7. IKEA for the little ones

Ikea Catalog October 2022: 7 new ideas

In the new proposals available online and in IKEA storeswill find sweet and delicate inspirations to decorate the children’s rooms. Textiles, storage accessories, toys and lighting items.

The lamps and IKEA light points for the little rooms they know how to create the right atmosphere, both for moments of play, and when it comes time to go to bed. To light up their nights, here it is Tovader, the funny kitty-shaped LED lamp. Change color and give a smile to everyone, even the older ones.

IKEA Catalog ideas and photos gallery October 2022

Discover with us the latest news from the IKEA world. Do not miss any on the website or in the stores: in the meantime, take a look at the proposals selected for you in this photo gallery of inspirations.

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