the 90enne Angelo Todaro is killed

Monday, 6 April at 21:30 on Rai 1 will broadcast the replication of Commissioner Montalbano from the title ‘A diary of the 43‘. The fiction sample of success is being published in new form 18 February 2019, achieving ratings of more than 10 million viewers and an audience share of over 40%.

The episode will be preceded by a ‘Pill. Camilleri tells the story’, a program of 5 minutes in which the sicilian writer will tell about the background of the film. Il Commissario Montalbano (Luca Zingaretti) will investigate the discovery of a diary dating to 1943, and on the death of the entrepreneur at the age of ninety Angelo Todaro.

The plot of ‘A diary of the 43’ and the replication of Raiplay

After the demolition of the old silos, we are witnessing the discovery of a diary dating back to the summer of 1943, written by a young man, Carlo Colussi, which admits of being responsible for a massacre which took place the day after the signing of the armistice on 8 September 1943. Colussi was a slaughter of allied soldiers, who are guilty according to the latter to have done violence on his girlfriend.

On the same day of the discovery of the diary arrives in Vigata, the ninety-year-old Italian-american John Zuck, one of the best features from Montalbano and tells him to be born in the sicilian town.

He adds that his real name is John Zuccotti, who during the Second World War, was taken prisoner by the Allies, and that is an orphan; he decided also to remain in America to start a new life.

The old man discovers, among other things, that he was placed by mistake on the tombstone to the fallen of the war and asks for help to the commissioner, that his name be removed from the monument.

Montalbano connects the discovery of the diary to what happened to Zuck with themurder of the entrepreneur Angelo Todarobecause the young victim had killed the parents of Zuck for the account of a lawyer who would become the owner of their land, and after several years the american has bounced back from everything. Then we see a scene where Zuck confirms what was said by Montalbano, and he committed suicide, shooting herself in the head.

The commissioner Montalbano, meanwhile, meets Colussi, who in the meantime has become a priest and missionary to atone for what was done by the young, and this determines a turning point in the investigation. Between the illuminations of the Feast of St. Calorio, Montalbano, with the help of his faithful collaborators’augello and Fazio turns out that the three events are linked together in a way that is surprising and tragic.

Those who will not be able to follow live bet, will be able to see the replica on Raiplay [VIDEO]channel streaming on the Rai network.

What to see in the other networks Monday 6 April

In addition to the Commissioner Montalbano, the television programming will see on Rai 2 the airing of the tv program ‘Tonight anything is possible with Stefano De Martino.

On Rai 3 Sigfrido Ranucci will transmit the program of inquiry, ‘Report’, designed by Milena Gabanelli. On Network 4 Nicola Porro, after a few weeks break, will return to lead the ‘Fourth Republic’, a talk show that deals with politics and the economy.

On the flagship network Mediaset, Channel 5, will air the comedy film ‘Il 7 e l’8’ and Salvatore Ficarra and Domenico Picone. On Italy 1 will be transmitted to the film adventure and fantasy ‘Harry Potter and the deathly hallows – part 1’, with Daniel Rafcliffe and Emma Watson. The first evening of The 7 will see the airing of the thriller movie ‘the man in The rain’ with Matt Damon and Mickey Rourke.

Finally on Tv 8 and Nine we can see, respectively, ‘Alessandro Borghese 4 restaurants’ and action movie ‘the Trap at the bottom of the sea 2: The treasure of the deep’ with Chris Carmack and Laura Vandervoot.

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