The abandoned car worth a treasure of 2.3 million euros

The vintage car, you know, they have an inestimable value. They are pieces of history, elements of an antiquated design but with an immortal charm. These collector’s items, coveted by car enthusiasts, are the most precious thing you can have and – for today’s history – discover. You have to cross the ocean to talk about one BMW 507of which alone were produced 252 specimensfound later 43 long years.

The 507 was found in a garage in Philadelphia, in the States. A jewel preserved over time that was sold at the Bonhams auction for the stratospheric sum of approximately 2.3 million euros. It should also be noted that this car model was very much wanted – and driven – by characters of a certain caliber such as Alain Delon, Elvis Presley and Prince Rainier of Monaco.

The BMW 507 sold at auction for more than 2 million euros

A rare BMW 507 was found in a garage in Philadelphia in the United States, of which only 252 were produced. The car sold at the Bonhams auction for around € 2.3 million. This car model was also driven by Alain Delon, Elvis Presley and Prince Rainier of Monaco.

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The value of the BMW 507

Eric MinoffSenir Specialist of Bonhams US Collector Cars, expressed himself as follows: “This car was a dream find. It is truly amazing that such an important sports car could have lain hidden in a shed for over 40 years, without being seen. It is a real hidden treasure and has offered its new owner a great opportunity.

The 507 was made by Albrecht Graf Goertz and the one sold at auction had, in its entire life, only one owner. The finishing of it had been, initially, in Silber blau that is, in silver blue, and boasted leather whole pieces of the same color. This is how it was given to its first and only (until now) owner, Lester Stebbins, an American who lived in Venezuela. After that the 507 landed in someone else’s private collection where it was forgotten for all these years. Now, finally, BMW can go back to having an owner who will take care of it.

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