The accountant how it ends

The accountant how it ends

The accountant is a 2016 thriller film directed by Gavin O’Connor, starring Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick: let’s find out the ending of the film.

Could an accountant actually be one of the most dangerous figures in organized crime? It is around this theme that it revolves The accountantwith Ben Affleck in the title role in this action thriller directed by Gavin O’Connor (Pride and Glory, Warrior), which as in his previous films also puts a complicated relationship between brothers at the center of the story.

Christian Wolff is in charge of managing the accounts of several high-profile criminal organizations on behalf of a mysterious client known as La Voce, and remains embroiled in the dirty business of Living Robotics, together with the young accountant of the company Dana. While untangling mysteries and a trail of murders, Christian must also be on the lookout for authorities looking for him, coordinated by the relentless Ray King of the Treasury Department.

The accountant: the ending of the film

The plot of The accountant unravels through a series of mysteries and twists, until the analyst Marybeth Medina, recruited under blackmail by King to help him find out who is the mysterious Accountant he is hunting, fails to connect the criminal to Christian. At that point, King reveals the truth about their work to her: Christian was raised by Francis Silverberg, an accountant for the Gambino crime family, who later killed him after discovering he was a police informant.

Christian took revenge on the mobsters, killing them all, and King was present but was spared by the Accountant. Subsequently, La Voce contacted him, providing him with the details of the crimes of the mafia, thus allowing him to make a career. The investigation, however, was just a test for Medinawho was chosen to replace King as the contact between the Voice and the Treasury Department.

In the finale, Christian manages to find out who is responsible for the crimes behind Living Robotics and confronts him, discovering that the hit man behind the trail of murders. none other than his brother Braxton, with whom he had broken off relations after the death of his father. Braxton leaves Christian free to kill Lamar, the head of the company, and disappears. The protagonist, then, decides to go after her, but not before having “repaid” Dan for her help, giving her an original painting by Pollock with a very high value, which will allow her to survive worthily for the rest of her life. .

The epilogue of The accountant it also rightly reveals the identity of the Voice: it is Justine, the mute daughter of the director of the Harbor Neuroscience Institute, where Christian had spent time as a child, and with whom he had established an excellent relationship, before his father moved him elsewhere.

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