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On the brink of burnout, Jenna Ortega combines projects as is not allowed. Looking forward to the already much-discussed second season of Wednesdaybut also of the fifth and final season of Youanother successful Netflix series where she will make her big comeback, the young actress will already be the headliner of the sequel to the macabre comedy Beetlejuice, and this in parallel with the filming of the seventh opus of the saga Scream… Phew!

>> It’s confirmed, Jenna Ortega will be making her comeback in another phenomenal Netflix series <<

But it is not finished. Because another film awaits Jenna Ortega, and not the least intriguing: Finestkind. A detective thriller set against a backdrop of fish fishing (yes yes) signed by Brian Helgeland, himself a former fisherman, but also a great screenwriter (Mystic River of Clint Eastwood, it’s him) and very endearing filmmaker (Knight with Heath Ledger, with his tournaments against the background of Queen, it’s still him).

>> “We’ll get rid of it” : Jenna Ortega announces a big change for season 2 of Wednesday and this is very good news <<

Alongside the Gothic actress? Tommy Lee Jones, the Oscar-winning superstar of Fugitive, and Ben Foster, one of Hollywood’s most underrated actors (you most certainly know him for his role in Comancheria). Everything should be viewed on the Paramount streaming platform.

But what does it say?

Crime, fish and (almost) Zendaya

In the very curious Finestkind, whose filming ended in May 2022, Jenna Ortega should squarely confront the crime syndicate. She plays a humble fisherwoman accompanying sailors on the high seas, who finds herself embroiled in the affairs of two brothers in debt plagued with the local mafia.

>> Jenna Ortega is already forgetting Wednesday for a new project… with The Weeknd <<

On the menu: adventures, mysteries, shots and big fish. Quite a menu if there ever was one. But if the project captivates so much, it’s not so much for what it is, as for what it could have been. Effectively, Finestkind should have initially, as the NME media recalls, summon Jenna … And Zendaya. Bringing together two of the youngest and biggest stars of their generation, like that, under the guise of fishing for fish.

Alas, the thing did not happen. Just like the long-awaited addition to the cast of the admirable Jake Gyllenhaal. Dependent contrast ? Still, by then, we will also find the actress of the series Wednesday In The Perfect Heista show recounting the adventures of a gang of robbers jostling a major banking establishment in England in the 80s.

Another project stamped by Jenna Ortega, Miller’s Girlwhere the young idol will rub shoulders with the dashing Martin Freeman (Bilbo at Peter Jackson, and Watson in the BBC series sherlock), dramatic comedy confronting teacher and student, and whose screenplay, which we owe to the author of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessis considered as… “One of the best on the market today“. Just that, yes.

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