the actress’s lawyers want the lawsuit annulled. Mera will get a solo movie?

He lost a defamation lawsuit, lost a key role in a large franchise, and his appeal was rejected. Johnny Depp no ​​longer has any prospects of being successful in the fight against the British judicial system. Now, to make matters worse, Amber Heard’s lawyers say Depp’s claims in the US should also be rejected outright.

Johnny Depp’s conflict with Amber Heard has been running through the courtrooms for several years. In Great Britain, the Actor appealed against the unfavorable verdict in the Court of Appeal and his appeal was rejected, but in the USA the fight is still going on. In connection with an article in The Washington Post, Depp filed a libel lawsuit in court, demanding $ 50 million from Heard. redress. The new start date for the process is set for April next year. Apparently, the actor intends to present evidence that testifies to the lies of his ex-wife. One of them is a recording of a conversation with officers and a recording of the day when the star allegedly went mad and attacked his partner.

Meanwhile, Depp’s recent failure to appeal has given Amber Heard’s attorneys reason to challenge the U.S. lawsuit.

The British judgments were given full force and thus it was established that the statements in the Washington Post article were true: Mr. Depp repeatedly committed domestic violence against Ms. Heard, causing her to fear for her life. Therefore, from a legal point of view, Depp cannot win any of the lawsuits, and complaints against Ms Heard should be dismissed, the actress’s lawyers said.

Recall that in 2018, The Washington Post published the actress’s letter, in which she described in detail her “fight for the truth” and the entire battle against the accusations of slander and lies. Now Heard has requested a hearing by filing a complaint with Judge Penney Azcarate, who was assigned to the case.

The chance that the strategy of the actress’s defenders will pay off is quite high. Since the London court found that the editor-in-chief of the tabloid “The Sun” had the right to call the Hollywood star a “spouse”, because this term is “in fact true” and the predictions about the decline of Depp’s career turned out to be justified, the next logs thrown at the actor’s feet may make him capsize – this time for good.

On her Instagram Amber Heard confirmed her return to the role of Mera in the movie “Aquaman 2”. What’s more, journalist and scooper Daniel Ritchtman claims that talks are underway on a solo project dedicated to Mera.

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