the “African blaze” announces the arrival of the “Halloween monster” –

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The anticyclone coming from the Sahara could break the record of 30 degrees recorded in November in Sicily

Wednesday 26th October the heat wave that has rare precedents for the period will continue over all of Western Europe. The so-called “Halloween anticyclone”, arriving towards the last days of October, could bring down the record of 30 degrees that were recorded in the past in November, the experts of announce. In the mountains, freezing is expected around 3,700-3,800 meters with the melting of the glaciers that will continue in an increasingly dramatic way. For Wednesday in the North there will be fogs on the plain with clear skies as the day progresses. In the Center-South sun, good weather and late summer climate.


Day characterized by stable conditions with clear or partly cloudy skies. In the morning, fogs may form, especially in the plains, even dense and in some cases persistent. Raising them will create a very cloudy or locally overcast sky. Rising temperatures, variable light winds, calm seas.

Center and Sardinia

The African anticyclone continues to dominate the central regions. In the morning more clouds will affect Tuscany, Umbria, lower Lazio and southern Sardinia, in the afternoon Abruzzo and Molise, more serene elsewhere. Weak winds from variable directions, seas generally not very rough and temperatures in a further slight increase during the day.

South and Sicily

Mostly sunny with clear skies or only rarely cloudy. The winds will blow weakly from different directions while the seas will be almost calm. Temperatures are expected to further slightly increase with warm weather during the day, very mild in the evening.

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