the airports and airlines most at risk

Overbooking, last minute cancellations, delays and endless strikes (the next one, that of the flight controllers, which will cover all Italian airports, is scheduled for Sunday 17 July): in airports throughout Europe, the situation is hot (and not just for the almost tropical temperatures of this summer that has just begun). For Italians – and not only – holidays are at risk. But what is the reality of the facts in the main airports of our country and the rest of the continent? A report reveals what the airline companies who have greater difficulties in this delicate historical moment.

Airlines at risk of cancellation

There are many travelers who, finally ready to enjoy some new adventure around the world, have found themselves stuck at the airport due to an overbooking issue or the cancellation of their flight – even at the very last moment. In Italy, thousands of departures have been skipped since the beginning of the summer, and the future situation is not the most optimistic. There are so many airlines that are experiencing a difficult timeunable to keep up with the needs of the many passengers who want to return to travel.

According to the report drawn up by Mabrian Technologies, one of the carriers most in crisis is the Turkish Airlines: almost 4,500 flights have been canceled in view of August, the busiest of all. British Airways, easyJet, Lufthansa, Wizz Air, Vueling, Air Europa, United and Saudia Airlines will also follow. In short, it is really expected a summer of fire, and these first few weeks have already given us a taste. However, it must be said that in most cases the rates of cancellation of flights compared to total departures are rather low.

For the month of August they are planned over 3 million flights worldwide, and the cancellations likely to affect Europe will be around 2% of the total. A figure that, however, will make the journey difficult (if not impossible) for many passengers. The situation at the airports, on the other hand, is not the best. According to reports so far, one in five flights in Paris has been canceled. In Spain, on the other hand, the greatest inconveniences are given by the numerous strikes that take place at the main tourist airports. London’s Heathrow he even went so far as to ask airlines to stop selling tickets for the summer.

Why airports are in crisis

It’s clear that the situation is getting more alarming day by day. How did we end up in this whirlwind of cancellations and strikes that seems to have no end? The problem has its roots in the Covid emergency: with the total closure of the borders of many countries and restrictions on travel, many airlines have found themselves in difficulty. The collapse of the tourism sector has prompted carriers to make large cuts in staff – and many of these workers have decided to seek employment in an area that could offer them. more guarantees of continuity.

But Covid, in early spring, finally has loosened the grip a bit and many have returned to travel. A boom in departures was expected for the summer – with Italians at the forefront of what appear to be holidays dreamed of for a lifetime. The companies, now understaffed, are unable to manage the flow of tourists and are forced to offer a service well below the quality which we have become accustomed to.

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