The alarm before the games! This could be an avalanche of infections in the squad of jumpers

On Wednesday in Zakopane, Kamil Stoch sprained his ankle. Thus, he eliminated himself from the start in the weekend World Cup competitions at Wielka Krokiew. And – as Dr. Aleksander Winiarski told us – two or three weeks must pass for him to return to jumping at all.

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Polish jumpers will still come out of the crisis. Schuster prompts the coaches

On Thursday, the Polish Ski Association gave more bad news.

Unofficially, we learn that Jakub Wolny has an ambiguous test result. Therefore, he was given another test, and the result will be on Friday. However, it is said that the rumor about the ambiguous result of Stefan Hula is not true.

To our knowledge, he has a negative result.

More troubles of Poles.  New information on the coronavirus in the squad of jumpersMore troubles of Poles. New information on the coronavirus in the squad of jumpers

Covid is spreading. Kubacki’s wife and daughter with symptoms

We hear from good sources that there is a serious concern that all those who recently returned from the 4-Hills-Tournament will have covid in a moment. We would like to remind you that apart from the withdrawn Stoch, Kubacki, Wąsek, Wolny as well as Piotr ¯y³a and Andrzej Stękała jumped in the event until the end. After the end of the tournament, the five stayed in Bischofshofen for two additional competitions as part of the World Cup. Wąsek and Wolny complained of a cold while still in Austria.

Our jumpers are to pass the next tests before the next week’s competition in Titisee-Neustadt. But it is possible that one of the jumpers on Thursday, negative on Friday or Saturday, will feel worse and will not start in Zakopane.

We hear that jumpers with positive results are doing well, but it is not that everyone has the disease asymptomatically. How covid is spreading in this group is of particular concern. Dawid Kubacki brought his wife and daughter to the test for a reason.

Coronavirus in the squad of jumpers!  He caught the Poles right before the World Cup in ZakopaneCoronavirus in the squad of jumpers! He caught the Poles right before the World Cup in Zakopane

Doleżal has to choose

Recovering or avoiding the disease in the coming days is a key issue for those who want to go to the Olympics. Polish jumpers will travel on January 31 through Frankfurt, to which they will go straight after the competition in Willingen. Before departure, everyone will have to obtain negative results for two covid tests – 96 and 72 hours before take-off. Otherwise, the flight to China will not be possible.

The names of five Polish jumpers appointed to the team for Beijing, coach Michal Doleżal, is to give after the competitions in Zakopane.

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