the allegations of hypocrisy make no sense

Billie Eilish boosted the promotion of the new album with her image metamorphosis. Effectively, because the photo of the Vogue cover, in which you can find a quite surprising (in the context of her image so far), the artist’s session, collected over a million likes in less than 6 minutes, beating the Instagram record. The metamorphosis, in addition to promotion, prompted online screamers to accuse the most terrible crime: hypocrisy.

Billie Eilish’s outfit style has been part of the category over the years oversize; the artist appeared in wide trousers and loose sweatshirts, consistently covering most of her body, distinguishing herself from other representatives of pop society. However, in the session for the latest issue of British “Vogue”, Eilish gave up her trademarks.

It was the first time she took part in a session about pin-up sewing. The media around the world, writing about the singer’s photos, pay attention to vibe Marilyn Monroe (is vintage, is and blonde). The essence of the session for many observers, however, is the fact that this time the 19-year-old decided to show much more of the body.

The session in the periodical fulfilled its promotional task, but also resulted in an avalanche of unpleasant comments, which the authors accuse Billie Eilish of, among others hypocrisy.

But you don’t have to be Sherlock or any other Rust Cohle to predict the tone of this part of the opinion. Even Eilish herself predicted it, correctly selecting the directions from which the torpedoes would come (we will focus on the singer’s statements a bit later). Well, yes: for those who considered her to be one of the icons of body-positivity, squeezing into a corset may be a contradiction of the idea of ​​movement. For others: previously modest, now has sold itself and followed the trend of negligee. So, you know, slutty.

Recall that quite recently Eilish was also hit for … her figure. When photos taken by paparazzi appeared on the web, in which the singer is dressed in clothes that revealed her figure, some of them spilled a lot of venom.

No discovery: paranoia. Because it is embarrassing to ridicule the physical aspects of others, everyone who can tie their own shoelaces should know. Of course, this is not really the case at all, but on those who do not understand it, let us draw a veil of silence (preferably eternal). An interesting case, however, is the contemporary king of non-vulgar pejorative words, omnipotence, beloved by some probably mainly because it has more than 3 syllables and, according to some, implicitly also includes the entire argumentation (hint: does not contain).


The objection is very popular, because on the one hand it is a form of contemptuous criticism, on the other hand it is not obscene, and on the third it is easy to pin it on literally anyone. Get a tattoo, contradict your own statements from five years ago, change your style – you are a hypocrite.

And we all know well that this unfortunate hypocrisy is an absolutely natural trait of societies, but we still love to find it in others and evaluate the worst of the flaws, suggesting that something as trivial as an unexpected aesthetic decision of a star has a strongly negative ethical value. Hypocrisy has become so broad that some people obsess over it all without taking into account many elements, including the most important:

Man changes his mind.

He changes his mind, style, preferences, himself. Also views. But tying someone’s style to their worldview is deeply wrong, This is one of the topics Eilish touched on in a new interview in advance responding to commenters who think she’s out of the way with body positivism now, or that such photos are “a bit slutty” :

Suddenly you are a hypocrite when you want to show your body and your skin. You’re easy and slutty. Okay, if so, I’m proud of it. Then me and all the girls are sluts – and screw it! Showing off your body and showing off your skin – or not – shouldn’t take anyone’s respect away. (…) I can do what I want, my business. It’s about feeling good. If you want surgery, do it. If you want to wear a dress that will make someone think you look too fat in it, fuck it – if you feel like you look good then you look good.

Eilish’s metamorphosis can be read in many ways and each conclusion can be entered into a comment under the photo, seething with complacency. You can also pause and repeat the motto of the new Vogue issue: “the best is what you feel good in”.

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