The amazing drone footage shows the Starship launch tower

In recent days, there is no shortage of information about the most powerful in history space transportation systemthat the company’s engineers are carefully working on SpaceX. It is thanks to him that in the future mankind has a chance to return to the Moon or go on the first mission to Mars in history. The success of the entire undertaking may also largely determine the continuation of the entire program concerning the conquest of space by Elon Musk.

Recently, a short film appeared on the controversial billionaire’s social network. On the recording made with the help of a drone, you can see a new launch tower, the task of which will be, among others stabilization of the rocket during take-off and its safe deceleration during the return to the ground.

Ship Starship – unlike rockets Falcon 9 it will not have special landing legs. Specific requirements regarding the take-off weight of the vehicle and fuel demand forced the constructors SpaceX to apply an innovative solution based on “catching” the rocket in flight. Musk believes that while this method involves some risks, it will not only save valuable dollars, but also shorten the implementation time of the entire procedure.

An example of what the said landing would look like can be seen in the animation below, created by a fan of the company SpaceX.

By the way, it is worth recalling that recently Elon Musk spoke again on the plans for a manned mission to Mars. At best, the billionaire believes that humanity will get there in five years timeand at worst in ten. Everything is focused on the work related to the development of the ship Starship.


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