The American actress Anne Heche leaves us

That always melancholy look, barely veiled by a typical American girl’s smile, has already conquered us from her interpretation of Maggie Pistone, character in the film Donnie Brasco 1997 by Mike Newell, in which she was the wife of the protagonist Donnie, an undercover agent of the FBI, the film made her recognize the National Board of Review Awardsfor Best Supporting Actress.

Another supreme interpretation is that which sees her in the role of the cynical hospital director Rebecca Payne in the film John Q in 2002 directed by Nick Cassevetes and starring Denzel Washington.

We also remember her in the remake of Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Psyco by the director Gus Van Sant who wanted her in 1998 in the role of Marion Crane, the unforgettable protagonist of the famous shower scene that Anne Heche plays flawlessly, despite the American critics nominating her as the worst actress of that year.

His latest performance is in 2021 with the film 13 minutes by director Lindsay Gossling, who saw her star opposite Paz Vega. Anne Heche has also tried her hand as a director, mainly for television. Unforgettable the direction of her for the film in episodes Women , which in the three planned episodes tells the story of three women and the touching topic of the relationship of women in the family and social context in three different historical periods, 1961, 1972 and 2000, highlighting the actress / director’s sensitivity towards female condition in American society, constantly mistreated from the years of protest to the more modern ones. The film was ennobled with the presence of Vanessa Redgrave and Sharone Stone.

The magnetism of Anne Heche’s eyes, both in her film interpretations and during her interviews and appearances at various film festivals around the world, has left an image of simplicity and measured femininity, far from the typically bulky and cacafonica that many overseas movie stars have monopolized in recent years.

The actress certainly did not have a simple private life, characterized since childhood by a series of family mourning that inevitably marked the character and personal style of acting, melancholy but captivating, which conquered the directors and the public. Dramatically, even her life has been broken like a tragic fate that has raged to the end and that has definitively deprived us of one of the best actresses of the last thirty years.

We want to remember it with the mythical image of Psyco’s shower that we reproduce below.

Anne Heche in Psyco

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