The Americans don’t want Kamala Harris. Low support for the controversial vice president

Last week, President Joe Biden temporarily handed over power to Vice President Kamali Harris in connection with the annual survey. For just over an hour, Harris was the first woman in US history to act as president.

The event aroused great interest in the American media. The reason for this is that the vice president hasn’t been very popular with Americans recently.

Joe Biden has seen huge declines in support recently. According to a poll published last week for the Politico portal, 48 percent. Americans believe that the president is not mentally fit enough to perform his function, and only 40 percent. believes that she is in good health. 57 percent also believe that Biden is not communicating clearly and 60% that he is not energetic. The work of the president is assessed positively by 44 percent and bad by 53 percent.

However, the performance of Kamala Harris looks much worse. FiveThirtyEight portal, which on average from various public opinion polls reported that the support for it is only … 36.9 percent.

Source: FiveThirtyEight, Politico,

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