The associates of Alexei Navalny, who is detained in a penal colony, leave Russia for fear of arrest and trial

Close associates of Alexei Navalny, who is detained in a penal colony, are leaving Russia for fear of arrest and trial, “Kommersant” informed. Radio Echo Moscow said that 14 out of 38 people have already left their country. Organizations associated with Alexei Navalny, including the Anti-Corruption Foundation and the so-called “regional headquarters”, have been recognized as extremist organizations in Russia.

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Kommersant points out that the former chief of staff has left Russia Alexei Navalny in Novosibirsk and the local deputy Sergei Boyko. The daily wrote that the opposition politician left because he was afraid of being arrested on the charge of creating an extremist organization.

“At least half of the former regional staff coordinators have already left the country or intend to do so,” the newspaper stressed.

The daily recalled that in the summer, organizations associated with Alexei Navalny were banned and declared extremist. In September, the Investigative Committee initiated proceedings against the opposition leader and his supporters over the suspicion of creating, directing and participating in an extremist organization.

According to Russian defenders human rights, the authorities want to intimidate supporters of the opposition and subjugate To the Kremlin all organizations, movements and civic associations.

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