The astrologer predicted the future of little Archie. Will Harry and Meghan Markle’s son make a mess?

Debbie Frank is one of the most popular astrologers in the world.

She has been working in the industry since 1984, and a decade after starting her career, she began writing horoscopes for famous magazines such as: SHE, Daily Mail online, Hello, Instyle, Sunday Express and Daily Mirror.

To this day, she often speaks in their pages as an expert.

Big fame Debbie Frank It brought cooperation with famous people, including Princess Diana, with whom she was to have very good contact until her death in 1997.

The wife of Prince Charles was to trust her words immensely, the more so because they were friends, so the astrologer knew exactly what was happening at Buckingham Palace.

Interestingly, it looks like a lot of predictions Debbie Frank about British royal family it did come true.

Astrologer distant years ago, she reportedly learned from the cards, among others about Lady Diana “never becoming queen.”

However, this is still nothing, because she also predicted that the mother of princes William and Harry and their father, Prince Charles, would not be happy together and would part, and all this really happened later!

Debbie Frank in the predictions for the Windsor, she did not stop at her friend Princess Diana. After her death, she continued to reflect on the British royal family, and does so to this day.

Long before Megxit, because in 2018, Debbie Frank predicted that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry they will not find themselves at the British court.

She revealed that the actress would not feel comfortable with other members of the royal family, as it was years ago with Princess Diana.

She mentioned that in the event of a difficult period, it would not be easy for her to cope with, because she would simply have no one to talk to about it and she and her husband might want to leave the country. She said it would be a time of important decisions for them.

As it turned out later, the words Debbie Frank turned out to be prophetic, although at first most people were skeptical of them.

Meghan and Harry they practically cut themselves off from the prince’s family, moved to the United States, and shared their difficulties in a long and exhaustive interview with Oprah.

When it happened, many people realized that it was Debbie Frank she foresaw it!

Debbie Frank right after the birth of the baby Archie published a post on Instagram in which she referred to the boy’s chart.

The system of planets at birth child of Harry and Meghan it is very interesting and may be a sign of its strong character.

The firstborn son of the Sussexs is a Taurus who was born at 5:26 a.m. and therefore at sunrise.

This makes him an extremely powerful soul, especially since his moon is in the sign of Gemini, which suggests that in the future Archie will be a communicative and open person.

However, it can also make him restless and quick-tempered.

Interestingly, the astrological Taurus is also the daughter of Prince William, Charlotte, and the boy’s great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Debbie Frank thinks Archie he will grow up to be an extrovert who will be adventurous and independent, and will not be afraid to run away from schemes.

The most interesting thing, however, is that the astrologer sees in the future Archie as a friend of the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince Louis.

This is quite a risky statement, considering how many kilometers are separating them and how cool their parents’ relationship is now.

Perhaps, however, it will be a real breakthrough, and Archie and Louis want to reconcile warring families? Everything will show the future!

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