The attention to detail in Red Dead Redemption 2 is even frightening. A player discovered a little-known alternative ending to one of his missions – Red Dead Redemption 2

YouTube user Player7 once again highlights the small paths we can take in the open world Rockstar Games

For many, Red Dead Redemption 2 is and will continue to be one of Rockstar Games’ greatest video games.Not only did he show narrative maturity Coming from an American team, but also featuring an incredibly detailed open world and engaging story.Even five years after launch, the game continues Hidden secretsthe last one discovered, although not the most exhaustive, shows rock star power And how far away they are from us. the best?it is alternative ending Go on secondary missions.

As we all know, for Rockstar, the pursuit of excellence is must in their development.Recently, it’s been circulating on social media that as we complete John Mattson’s final mission in the epilogue, Team USA includes Subtle details we easily overlook.However, a YouTube user named Player7 discovered one new conclusion One of the game’s stories.

Another ending to the side mission?Can only be a rock star

Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t an RPG, so it doesn’t have a branching story with multiple endings. But it’s true that Rockstar cares means that player actions can affect specific missions.In this case, the user notices that one of the items has changed bounty hunter mission we must end Mark Johnson.

Once we accept a mission, it’s marked on the map and our job is to follow it. When we arrived at Johnson’s location, we saw him living in the wild with his wife and son.As we approached him, the fugitive told us that he was a changed man and will come peacefully After saying goodbye to my family. Typically, the mission ended with Johnson in jail.

However, if for any reason murderer to it cold-blooded wife (You let his son escape) and then you take Mark Johnson to the Sheriff and he will hate you until the end of his life.Yes we are back Go to the Sheriff’s Office after one dayArthur sincerely apologized to Johnson and mourning the death of wifethis gesture doesn’t comfort the widower, but that’s where it gets interesting.

Do you remember that obsessive attention to detail?If we want to see a new ending to the story, we must go back Travel to Rhode Island a week later, we’ll see Johnson about to be executed on a tree outside for his crimes.If we decide to rescue this person and release him from the gallowskill all the bounty hunters in the area, and we run away until we lose the Search and Capture status and we can return to the same location and Talk to Johnson.

Not only is the game programmed to allow dialogue with this NPC without him disappearing after leaving the area, but it also takes into account the player’s previous actions. Arthur has a dialogue with him in which he expresses remorse for the people he killed, and if we shoot the rope, our protagonist will say: “Now take care of that boy and go away“, the story ends.

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