The audience of RMF FM and Radio ZET, Jedynka and Trójka down is growing. SuperNova the most downhill

The share of RMF FM in terms of listening in the fourth quarter of 2021 in the 15-75 age group was 29.8%. – results from the latest wave of the Radio Track Kantar Polska survey, developed by the portal. Compared to the same period a year earlier, the share increased by 0.6 points. percent

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Radio ZET was in second place with a share of 13.4 percent. (the share of this station in relation to the period October-December 2020 increased by 1.2 percentage points – the most in the ranking).

The Eska network completes the last place on the podium. Its market share was 7.6 percent. (up by 0.2 percentage points).

Auditorium 17 was ahead of Jedynka

Just behind the podium was Audytorium 17, which was promoted from the fifth position. The share of the stations increased by 0.2 points. percent up to 5.1% Jedynka fell to fifth place, whose share compared to the same period a year earlier decreased by 0.7 points. percent

Trójka fell from eleventh to twelfth place, whose result decreased by 0.7 points. percent up to 1.7%

Radio SuperNova the most down

The biggest drop in the ranking was recorded by Radio SuperNova, which has been broadcasting since May 5 last year. replacing Radio Wawa. The average share of Radio SuperNova in the analyzed wave was 0.6%. In relation to Radio Wawy, broadcast in the same period a year earlier, the loss was 1.1 points. percent

Data on the radio market in the last year.

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