the autumn cineforum at the Gallarate Theater of Arts is underway

The birth of rock’n’roll, fourteenth-century Florence and the cliffs of the English countryside during the Second World War and much more: at the cinema in via don Minzoni in Gallarate Thursday evenings are back with the autumn film club, which officially starts again on Thursday September 29.

The famous cineforum of the Teatro delle Arti is back again this year in double screening at 3 pm and 9 pm; ten films in programming that touch many different realities.

The films on the program

The new film festival starts with the very Italian Dantefrom Pupi Avatischeduled for Thursday September 29 9pm. The director has chosen to tell the life of the Supreme Poet through the eyes of Giovanni Boccaccio (played by Sergio Castellitto), who must deliver to Dante’s daughter, Beatrice (played by Valeria D’Obici), a nun in Ravenna in the monastery of Santo Stefano degli Ulivi, of the money from Florence as a form of compensation for the oppression suffered by his father.During the journey Boccaccio meets some characters who have known Dante or who have witnessed his death, thus retracing the life of the great poet from when, as a child, he had lost his mother, until his meeting with Beatrice (Carlotta Gamba) and falling in love, his political and literary career, until his exile.

Thursday 6 October (first at 15 and then at 21) it will be the turn of Elvisdirected by Baz Luhrmann: the biopic centers on the life of the king of rock ‘n’ roll (Austin Butler plays Elvis Presley), specifically the controversial and complicated relationship with Tom Parker (his manager), played by Tom Hanks. Due to the length of the film, the introduction will take place at 8.45 pm, and the screening will begin at 9.00 pm.

Thursday 13 October (3 pm and 9 pm) will be screened Another worldfrom Stéphane Brizé: Philippe Lemesle (Vincent Lindon) heads an international household appliance company in the French province. To face the competition, the umpteenth crisis and the needs of his superiors, who would like an impossible-to-implement dismissal plan on the table, he wrecks his life. His neglected wife Anne (Sandrine Kiberlain) wants a divorce, her son, obsessive compulsive, needs psychiatric treatment. Pulled on all sides, Philippe no longer knows how to satisfy affections and fulfill duties. Between a rock and a hard place, he will have to decide whether to carry out the mobility plan or find a way to circumvent the obligation. He will have to decide whether to adapt or make a difference.

The film of Francesca Archibugi, The Hummingbirdis scheduled for Thursday October 20: the film is based on the novel of the same name by Sandro Veronesi. The protagonist Marco Carrera (Pierfrancesco Favino) traces the memories of his life starting from the seventies, in particular from the encounter with the love of his life, Luisa Lattes (played by Berenice Bejo), a beautiful girl with a particular temperament. It is love at first sight and, although the two will never be able to be together, Marco will always remain in love with her. His life partner will, in fact, be another woman, Marina (Kasia Smutniak), with whom after the marriage he will go to live in the capital and with whom he will have a daughter, Adele.
The man will have to return, however, to Florence, due to an existence that will subject him to harsh tests, which he will try to overcome thanks to the help of Daniele Carradori, his wife’s psychoanalyst. The doctor will teach Marco how to deal with changes, especially completely unexpected ones, in his life. This is how, through Marco, the existence of man is told, vacillating between great loves, fortuitous coincidences and serious losses, leading the human being to a wearying resistance in order to achieve happiness.

Thursday October 27 will be screened Love life (at 3 pm and 9 pm), film by Kôji Fukada presented at the Venice film exhibition which reveals an interesting glimpse into contemporary Japan: Taeko (Fumino Kimura) lives happily with the young husband Jiro (Kento Nagayama) and little Keita (Tetta Shimada), born of a previous relationship. All she wants is her father-in-law approval, which she struggles to get. A domestic accident, however, suddenly rewrites the life of Taeko and those close to her and determines the return of Keita’s biological father, Park, of whom she had not heard from for years.

Thursday November 3 (at 3 pm and 9 pm) is the evening of Summer daysfrom Jessica Swale: Alice Lamb (Gemma Arterton) is unmarried, lives alone in a cottage on a cliff in Kent, does not frequent the neighboring village except for the bare necessities of purchasing groceries, and has no pity for the children who hang around her around the house, disturbing his concentration. She studies the myths and legends of folklore but, due to her temper, she is in turn the victim of a series of small local legends, which say she is a Nazi spy, a witch, or a madman. The arrival of Frank (Lucas Bond), a child displaced to escape the bombings on London and entrusted to her as a guest, slowly pierces the rigid armor that Alice has worn too long, awakening the emotional feeling in her, along with the memory of a love impossible once lived with Vera (Gugu Mbatha-Raw).

Full time-one hundred percentdirected by Eric Grovelwill be screened on Thursday November 10 (first at 3 pm and then at 9 pm), the story of a working mother in a constant race against time: Julie (Laure Calamy) has two children, an ex-husband who does not pay alimony on time and a job far below of his abilities, with which he hardly keeps his family. Every day she wakes up before dawn, she entrusts the children to an elderly neighbor who has already told her she can’t keep them, and she throws herself into the traffic of the long journey that takes her from the suburbs of Paris to the capital. French. And since in France at that moment there is a prolonged strike of the means of transport, getting to the city becomes a daring undertaking, to which she dedicates herself with every stratagem. The management of the five-star hotel where she is head waiter, however, does not accept excuses, and threatens at any delay to deprive the woman of the only job she has managed to get, when she is qualified to deal with marketing statistics. .

Another Italian film is the one scheduled for Thursday November 17 (at 15 and 21), that is to say The immensity from Emanuele Crialese: the film is set in Rome, in the seventies, a world suspended between neighborhoods under construction and variety still in black and white, social achievements and family models that are now outdated. Clara and Felice (Penélope Cruz and Vincenzo Amato) have just moved into a new apartment. Their marriage is over: they no longer love each other, but they can’t break up. To keep them united, only the children on whom Clara pours all her desire for freedom: the eldest of her, has just turned 12 and is the attentive witness of Clara’s moods and the growing tensions between her parents. she. Adriana (Luana Giuliani) rejects her name, her identity, she wants to convince everyone that she is a boy and this obstinacy of her brings the already fragile family balance to a breaking point. While the children are waiting for a sign to guide them, be it a voice from above or a song on TV, everything around and inside them changes.

200 meters from Ameen Nayfeh will be on the Arts screen on Thursday November 24 (at 3 pm and 9 pm): this is the directorial debut for Nayfeh. Shot in Tulkarem in 2019, the film was chosen as the representative of Jordan in the race for the Oscar for the best international film 2021, without being nominated (and also awarded in Venice in 2020). The family of Mustafa (Ali Suliman) and his wife Salwa (Lana Zeri) is divided by the wall that separates Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank; he refuses to accept an Israeli work visa to reside on his land and so he has chosen to live beyond the barrier, separated from the people he loves. The situation puts the family in crisis, but Mustafa and Salwa do everything to make things work. One day Mustafa is warned that his son has had an accident: the man rushes to the Israeli checkpoint, but due to a bureaucratic problem he is denied entry. Desperate, he asks a smuggler for help and, along with other passengers, embarks on a journey into the hills along which the border runs. A journey of kilometers to cover a distance ideally covered in just 200 meters

The review closes with the film by Jafar Panahi, Bears don’t existscheduled for Thursday December 1 (at 3 pm and 9 pm), also presented in Venice a few weeks ago: the film tells of two parallel love stories, in which lovers find themselves facing the strength of superstition, the mechanics of power and other hidden obstacles and inevitable to make their love triumph.

Panahi was arrested on 11 July while he was at the prosecutor’s office, along with lawyers and colleagues, to ask for information about the well-being and the whereabouts of fellow Iranian directors. Mohammad Rasoulof and Mostafa Aleahmad, who had been detained three days earlier. Panahi and Rasoulof were previously arrested in 2010 for “propaganda against the system”, criticizing the government in their films and during the protests. Panahi was sentenced to six years in prison, of which he had already served two months on parole.


The films of 15:00 will be introduced by the teacher Cristina Boracchi or by Don Andrea Florio; those of 21:00 will be introduced and commented by Gabriele Lingiardi. The cinema management reserves the right to move or replace the films due to force majeure.

Cost of the card: 50 euros

Single ticket cost, out of subscription: 7 euros (full) – 5 euros (reduced)

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