The awakening, the trailer of the new beginning of the saga

The Transformers saga starts from scratch, or rather from one, bringing three new teams to the stage, including the very bad Terrorcons who will (again) bring war to Earth.

We missed the metal King Kong.

We missed the metal King Kong.

The first four films about transformers signed by Michael Bay had easily collected a billion dollars each, but it was enough that the fifth chapter, Transformers: the last knight (2017) dropped to six hundred and five million (in a period of many blockbuster film releases) because Paramount hit the reset button, or rather reboot, so we will never have a plot resolution related to the ambiguous Quintessa (Gemma Chan, Eternals, 2021) or to the idea that the Earth itself contained or was a giant transformer. Now we start from scratch, or almost, with Transformers: The Awakening (Transformers: Rise of the Beasts).

Almost from scratch

The first step towards the new direction had come with Bumblebee (2018) signed by Travis Knight (Kubo and the Magic Sword, 2016) in which after a prologue set on the planet Cybertron where the Autobots were losing the war with the Decepticons and preparing to evacuate the planet. The action then moved to 1987 California, where young Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld, Marvel’s Hawkeye) bought a battered beetle (in the new film it becomes a 1970s Camaro) which turned out to be Bumblebee. budget of one hundred thirty-five. And the saga could start again.


As the trailer begins, a giant gorilla/transformer scares two explorers in a forest, but when Optimus Prime arrives to defend them, the other reveals that he’s not the threat, but that something dark is coming.

The story is now set in 1994 (we don’t know if Hailee Steinfeld will make a cameo) and will be freely inspired by one of the most famous cartoons of the saga, Biocombat (or in full Rumbles of thunder and skies of fire for Biocombatin original Transformers: Beast Wars), two seasons between 1996 and 1999. For fans of the cartoon saga, don’t expect a faithful adaptation: the film will bring three new teams of transformers to the stage who, at least in the original version, had been on our planet long before the Autobots and were able to travel through time: Maximals, transformers that turn into animals, whose leader is Optimus Primal (with the original voice of Ron Perlman, the two Hellboy). Also with him is Michelle Yeoh, who will voice the flying transformer Airazor; the Predacons, led (the joke is not accidental) by Peter Davidson (Saturday Night Live), or Mirage, who transforms into a Porsche 964 (Michael Bay left his mark a bit) and with him also Archee (Liza Koshy) who transforms into a Ducati 916 (it’s the pink one).

Finally here are the Terrorcons, or the villains: Peter Dinklage (game of Thrones) is Scourge, their leader, who transforms into a semi-articulated Peterbilt 359 and Nightbird (Michaela Jaê Rodriguez), the third and final female transformer who transforms into a Nissan Skyline GT-R R33.

This is just to mention just a few of the transformers who will bring their war to Earth on June 9, 2023 in the States while for now we only indicate a generic June 2023, we leave you with the first official trailer in Italian and in the original language.

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