The baby from the famous photo returned to the family. The amazing final of the evacuation from Kabul

  • The dramatic video of a father handing his son over to the American soldiers through the wall and barbed wire has become an icon of the evacuation of Kabul
  • The parents of two-month-old Sohail Ahmadi believed that after crossing the wall they would get their son back. The Taliban, however, rammed the crowd and the boy was left alone in Afghanistan
  • A 29-year-old taxi driver found Sohail at the airport. He decided to take him home. After a few months, the boy’s parents were located. They were at a military base in Texas
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It was the desperate decision of the parents of two-month-old Sohalia Ahmadi. The boy’s father worked as a bodyguard at the US Embassy in Kabul. As the Taliban seized power in the Afghan capital and US troops began to withdraw, Sohail’s parents found themselves on the list of US associates who had to be taken out of the country immediately.

Mirza Ali Ahmadi and his wife Suraya showed up at the airport with Sohali and his siblings. Suddenly, the crowd of Afghans began to press hard against the walls of the Kabul airport. Mirza Ali Ahmadi made a dramatic decision.

Fearing the ramming of their two-month-old son, he decided to hand him over to American soldiers standing at the top of the wall. The moment when the father picks up his son and hands him to the soldiers was recorded and he became an icon of the desperate evacuation of Kabul that had just been taken over by the Taliban.

The crowd pressed in and the boy disappeared without a trace

Sohalia’s parents were sure that as soon as they got to the airport, they would find their son. At that time, they had less than 5 meters to cover. The crowd, however, pressed. Additionally, the Taliban joined the action, pushing back Afghans trying to get out of the country’s capital.

When the parents of a two-month-old boy got to the other side of the wall, their son was no longer there. It is not known what happened to him. Mirza and Suraya searched frantically for the baby. Eventually, they were pushed onto a plane that left for a US military base in Texas. Their son was left alone at the Kabul airport.

The taxi driver took the baby home

The boy was found by a 29-year-old taxi driver, Hamid Safi. He remembers that the baby sat on the tarmac and cried. He picked up the baby and looked for his parents. Ultimately, he decided to take him to his home.

Safi and his wife decided that if the boy’s parents did not find each other, the boy would stay with them forever. “If we find his family, I’ll give him to them.” If not, I will raise him myself – recalls Safi in an interview with “The Guardian”.

Photo: Mohd RASFAN / AFP / AFP

Hamid Safi (first from right), taxi driver who found Sohail Ahmadi at Kabul airport. First from left: the boy’s grandfather.

Meanwhile, the boy’s parents, after reaching the US military base in Texas, still had no idea what happened to their son. State Department officials assured them that they were doing what they could to find the baby. Months passed and there was no trace of the boy. The matter was resolved purely by chance.

Happy final

Photos of children missing during the Kabul evacuation appeared on social media. On one of them, Safi’s neighbors saw a resemblance to the boy the 29-year-old had brought from the airport. Safi also posted a photo of the boy on social media.

Photo: Mohd RASFAN / AFP / AFP

Sohail Ahmadi returned to his family

The photo came to Texas. Parents recognized their son. The search operation began immediately. Mirza Ali Ahmadi asked his father-in-law, Mohammad Qasem Razawi, to find Safi’s family. The two families met after a few weeks. Mohammad Qasem Razwi, assisted by the police, showed up at the taxi driver’s house. – You guys are good people. Allah will certainly give you more offspring, he said to Safi Razwi, picking up his grandson.

The boy’s parents are still in Texas. Sohali Ahmadi is in turn in the house of his grandparents. They believe, they will be able to connect soon. At the moment, all they have to do is video chat.

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