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This is Mark Townsend, better known as the trusted hair stylist of Dakota Johnson (as well as Gwyneth Paltrow, ex of Dakota’s boyfriend, Chris Martin). And if at every photo you wonder how he does it Dakota Johnson to have one franalready so enviablesoft, full-bodied, artfully moved, know that the merit is only of Townsend and his fairy hands. The haircut for Spring 2022 therefore becomes strictly with curtain bangs like that of Dakota Johnson, and how to achieve it if not following the advice of those who created that fringe? The two met on the set of the Hollywood blockbuster Fifty Shades of Gray and apparently it was a mutual stroke of lightning. As the hairdresser himself tells the American edition of Vogue, “we bonded right away”. He made her understand that with her fringe it would be a charm, she blindly trusted her. The rest is history: Dakota Johnson has never abandoned her hair look, made up of long honey brown hair slightly layered combined with curtain bangs with a 70s allure.

How to recreate Dakota Johnson’s perfect curtain fringe

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If you too want to show off curtain bangs worthy of the red carpet, here are the secrets of Dakota Johnson’s hair stylist to get a fringe that is always flawless. Primarily, “the fringe will have to be longer on both sideswith a nuanced effect capable of delicately framing the face”. As for the length, the hairdresser always adheres to the same point of reference: “the trick is to cut the fringe exactly in the middle, at the base of the nose, between the eyebrows“, he says. Coming to styling, here’s how the expert gives movement and volume to Dakota Johnson’s fringe: “the fringe must be very damp, almost wet. Pass the hair dryer directly on her fringe, proceeding downwards and using your fingers to give her the right direction. Only when the fringe is almost completely dry can you use the round brush (with boar bristles), always proceeding vertically and drying the strands on the sides of the face to create the perfect curtain effect”. Must-have product: a powder spray dry, to be sprayed at the end of drying to obtain a natural movement effect and perfect hold. For the record, Mark Townsend uses Kevin Murphy’s Doo.Over on Dakota Johnson’s hair. Well, now you know everything!

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

3 products for the curtain fringe beauty routine

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