The baptism of Meghan and Harry’s daughter already took place? Windsor banned from the list

  • Lilibet Diana, Meghan and Harry’s daughter, is the first “hidden” child in the royal family. So far, the couple has not decided to present it to the public. What’s more, little Lila had no chance to meet even her relatives. We are talking about the Windsor family, headed by Elizabeth II, who knows her great-granddaughter only from a photo
  • As reported by foreign media, everything indicates that the monarch will not be able to participate in the sacrament of the baptism of the child. Moreover, it did not get complicated at Archie’s baptism. The Sussex then bent the protocol to such an extent that a scandal broke out in the UK
  • This time the Sussexs want to avoid trouble. According to media reports, they will baptize Lili in California without the monarchy. The opinion of one of the experts says a lot: “The royal family has lost the desire to organize the ceremony. I do not think Meghan would like to visit the Islands. I think that with Harry they will keep everything a secret. Who knows, maybe they have even organized a baptism …”
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The next great-grandchildren of Elizabeth II are baptized. Last Sunday, the youngest members of the Windsor family were baptized during a private service at the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park. I am talking about Augustus, son of Princess Eugenia and her husband Jack Brooksbank, and Lucas Philip, son of Zara Tindall and her husband Mike Tindall. August was born in February and Lucas was born in March. The mothers of both boys are granddaughters of the queen, who, having dealt with health problems, appeared at the ceremony. Royal family members, including Prince William and Princess Kate, as well as close friends also attended the celebration.

The baptism ceremony of the great-grandchildren of the monarch raises the question of the reception of the sacrament by the daughter of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Five months have passed since the birth of Lilibet Diana, which means that had the Sussexs not left court, the girl would have been baptized. However, when the first child of the controversial couple was born in 2019, quite a scandal broke out.

Breaking the existing tradition of the British monarchy, young parents decided not to show the baby right after its birth. Only the excited Prince Harry informed about the happy news. “What women do is incomprehensible. We are both absolutely delighted,” he said. He also promised that in a few days, together with his wife, they would introduce the world to a new “royal baby”. It also happened. Both Meghan and Harry made the decision to Archie’s first sacrament was a modest, and most importantly – a private celebration, without the participation of cameras and photojournalists.


Meghan and Harry with their son

Ever since the boy was born, everyone wondered who would become his godparents. Buckingham Palace, however, issued an official statement informing that nIndividuals’ names will not be made public for the sake of privacy. It was an unusual situation in the royal family, which for years has allowed the media to participate in such events and informed them about the details of the sacraments of baptism of royal descendants. Kate Middleton did not hide her dissatisfaction at the time. As the wife of the future king, she resented her brother-in-law and his wife that they once again bend the protocol they had cared for for decades, and at the same time cause chaos and complicate the cooperation of the monarchy with the British press, thus destroying the good PR of the family. No wonder the situation was tense anyway. Archie’s baptism coincided with the major renovation of Frogmore Cottage, on which the Sussexs spent £ 2.4 million of British taxpayers’ money. In return, however, they did not want to reveal anything about their private lives.

Kate’s words were of no use. Finally, 25 invited guests appeared at the 45-minute ceremony in Windsor, including Harry’s immediate family and Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland. Interestingly, Queen Elizabeth II was missing from my great-grandson’s baptism …

What about the baptism of Meghan and Harry’s daughter? Archie’s celebration caused a scandal

The ceremony was originally scheduled to take place on July 5, 2019, however Due to the absence of Prince Charles from the country, the Sussex people postponed it to a later dayso that the grandfather of the newborn can celebrate the receipt of the first sacrament by the youngest grandchild. It turned out then that in the royal family it is difficult to reconcile the dates of family celebrations with obligations. July 6, exactly on the day of Archie’s baptism, Elizabeth II was to go to Scotland. Transferring the trip to another date was not an optiondue to, as Her Majesty’s press spokesmen claimed, the high rank of the event.

– we read in The Sunday Times. Can a diplomatic visit be more important than the baptism of a great-grandson? Well, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry didn’t want to wait with the baptism of the child. They also did not make a concession to allow the monarch to be present at the ceremony. This one took place without her. What does Elizabeth II herself say? As sources closely related to the royal family reported, Archie’s great-grandmother understood Harry and his wife’s decision. Nor did she complain – on the contrary – she was glad that the child attended a sacrament that was so important to her.

The article continues after the video:

The ceremony was private, but as promised by Buckingham Palace, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have published official photosby fellow photographer Chris Allerton. On the family scene, right next to the little boy and his parents, were posed by: Camilla Parker-Bowles, Prince Charles, mother of the Duchess of Sussex – Doria Ragland, Duchess Kate, Prince William and two sisters of Diana Spencer – Lady Jane Fellowes and Lady Sarah McCorquodale. Note that except for the absent Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, the children of the Cambridge family, and no one else from Meghan’s closest family appeared at the baptism ceremony.

Although Internet users did not hide their satisfaction with the fact that Meghan and Harry, who protect privacy, decided to show their son in all its glory, They also highlighted the behavior of William and Kate, which the media described as unnatural. When more and more fans of “royals” unanimously began to argue that The smile of the Duchess of Cambridge does not seem sincere, and William’s expression betrays his impatienceThe Daily Mail website asked a body language expert to analyze the behavior of Princess Diana’s older son and his wife.

Judi James, who has been commenting on reports from the British royal court for years, said that both the future king and his beloved were not comfortable posing for the family photo. According to the expert, the princely couple showed that they only came there out of a sense of duty.

James said, focusing a moment later on William’s attitude.

Known for his wide smile, the future heir to the throne tried to force himself to show any emotions this time. The expert compared it to the situation at the dentist’sacknowledging that a patient who refuses to drill his teeth has a similar face.

Has Lilibet’s baptism already happened? Media: The Windsors have lost their will

Will the situation happen again at the baptism of Saint Lilibet Diana? Everything seems to indicate that … no. This is because, according to the American media, the ceremony will be held in California, with no Windsor attendance. Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told

This is evidenced by the fact that even though Lili is five months old, the world still doesn’t know what she looks like. “Her parents’ decision not to publish their daughter’s photo proves that they act on their own terms and are not interested in the opinion of others” – adds the expert.

Despite earlier rumors of a baptism ceremony held at Windsor Castle, Elizabeth II’s great-granddaughter is likely to receive the sacrament in the United States, where she now lives with her parents and older brother.

Royal expert Richard Eden explained that cThe baptism of members of the monarchy usually takes place within three months. He suggested that if the ceremony had already taken place, it was a significant gesture from Meghan and Harrythey had “pushed” the royal family aside for good. Speaking to Palace Confidentials on Mail + Eden, he said:

So why, despite the prince’s willingness, this has not yet taken place? Eden wonders:

Photo: Keith Mayhew / Landmark Media / Agencja BE&W

Elizabeth II, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and Prince William and Kate Middleton

Even though Lilibet Diana is called “In Honor of the Queen”, Elizabeth II did not have the opportunity to meet her great-granddaughter and it is unlikely that it will happen anytime soon. Fitzwilliams adds:

Attention was also paid to another, quite important issue. It is about the tradition of dressing children in a replica of a dress from 1840, passed down from generation to generation, made for the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria. It was worn by the Cambridge children, and then by Archie himself. It seems that Lili will not be able to follow in the footsteps of her older brother and cousins, and thus another tradition of the Windsor family will be interrupted.

– concludes Fitzwilliams.

The Queen will celebrate her platinum anniversary next year. As the press informs, Meghan and Harry received an invitation to an official celebration in honor of Elizabeth II. Today we know that the Sussex will not be meeting the Windsors over Christmaswhich for your belt. Will they decide to honor the Queen’s ministry a few months later? This is not known. It remains for us to follow further reports from the British court. There will be no shortage of these.

Photo: Newspix / Agencja BE&W

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Source:, Daily Mail

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