The Battlefield 2042 forum is out of control. The toxic subreddit may be closed •

The Battlefield 2042 subreddit may be temporarily suspended. All because of the extreme level of toxicity and aggression of Internet users towards the developers of the game and other users.

For clarity, let’s mention that a subreddit is a collection of threads of a given category on Reddit. Battlefield 2042 has several subreddits, but we are talking about the main one, which has already been joined by over 195,000. people.

It was hot on r / battlefield2042 from the very premiere of Battlefield 2042. Due to the low quality of production and controversial design decisions, Internet users had fierce discussions and openly criticized the DICE studio. Recently, however, we are witnessing a new, much intensified wave of aggression and toxicity. All thanks to a tweet of one of the developers.

All missing features and flaws pointed out by BF Veteran that is with this franchise for 20 years. (Short video) from r / battlefield2042

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On January 6, Andy McNamara – EA’s global communications chief for shooters and Star Wars – expressed frustration at flooding developers with requests and expectations during the holiday break.

People need to rest. We do some things, but we need to find out what is even possible. Let us come back from our break and continue our work. I love you, but your expectations are brutal. The things you expect take time, design and execution ?? McNamara wrote in the deleted tweet, explaining that he had expressed himself inappropriately and was misunderstood.

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Just a fragment about ?? brutal expectations ?? The users of the Battlefield 2042 subreddit were caught. There were a lot of memes and threads mocking the EA representative, in which players indicate that they do not expect miracles, but the return of, among other things, the scoreboard or more content. However, the situation got out of hand – so much so that there was no thread where users did not attack developers. The forum moderators decided to react.

The subreddit leaders said that if the toxicity increases even further, they will temporarily shut down Battlefield 2042 Reddit. There are also plans in case the aggression significantly diminishes or remains at its current level. In the first case, the forum will remain open without any restrictions, and in the second case, the moderators will close most of the problematic threads.

?? To be clear, when we talk about toxicity, we don’t mean criticizing the game ?? – the moderators explain. ?? We don’t mean a negative attitude towards the game. We’re not talking about criticizing EA and DICE. We are talking about entries like: »Developer X should never be born«,»Person X is a bastard who should burn down«,»I wish X and his family would catch Covid and die«??.

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