The BBC struck the royal family by deliberately attacking Meghan Markle. They took offense and issued a statement

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The BBC has been exposed to the royal family. Although until now the employees took care to speak about monarchs only in a good tone, now they have changed their policy. The first part of the documentary series “The Princes and The Press” was aired on Monday. It addresses, among others, the life of Prince Harry and Prince William. However, what angered the family members was the suggestion by anonymous informants that it was they and the palace employees who were deliberately spreading rumors about Meghan Markle.

Princess Kate in a shining creationPrincess Kate all in sequins. She sparkles in a green dress – literally. The face attracts attention

The royal family is furious with the BBC

The creators of the production took a closer look at several high-profile conflicts with Meghan, about which the media around the world wrote. One of the most vocal were the accusations by the palace staff who accused Markle of mentally abusing them. Even Prince William spoke then. According to journalist Dan Wootton, it could have been their revenge for Markle’s quarrel before marrying Queen Elizabeth II. It was then about the tiara she wanted to wear.

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What have they lost?

The journalist, proving that these may be false accusations, gives the time after which they got to the media. It happened six months later. The Daily Mail issued a statement from Buckhingam Palace, Kensington and Clarence House:

Free and responsible media is a key, important element for a healthy democracy. All too often, however, there are exaggerated and unfounded accusations that come from anonymous entities allegedly reporting the facts. It is disappointing when the media, including the BBC, give faith to it, it says.

Joanna OpozdaJoanna Opozda advertises colorful tracksuits and mentions pregnancy. “Cool”

The next episode of the production also does not bode well for anything good. It will show the conflict between the brothers. They already announce that they will not miss any inconvenient details.

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