The beautiful Irina Sheik revealed shapely legs – no wonder she did not have to hold an umbrella (PHOTOS)

Irina Shayk (33) split up from Bradley Cooper (44) a few months ago. The model clearly revived after the breakup. In the photos she is smiling from ear to ear and looks beautiful. When she is not taking care of her daughter, she happens to go to a party. This time she went to the opening of the boutique. The rain caught her as she returned, the man holding an umbrella over her.

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Irina Sheik revealed her legs

Irina Sheik she was photographed leaving a party organized by a famous boutique, with a big bag in her hand. The star wore a tight, see-through dress with a slit that exposed her shapely and long legs. The belt accentuated her waistline, and the stilettos added inches, though she doesn’t need them at all.

Here is the latest theory as to why Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk broke up. Do you believe in her?

The model was in a great mood. Even though the weather was bad, the man, probably her bodyguard, was holding an umbrella over her head all the way to the car.

It’s so good!


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