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There olive skin it tends to be that of Mediterranean types, but there are people with light eyes and olive skin, for example the actress Mila Kunis. Olive skin is characterized by a slight olive green undertone and tends to have two undertones, either yellow or gray. As a result, it can look warmer or colder. And, generally, it has 2 main blemishes. We talk to the expert.

The key characteristics of olive skin

As illustrated by the Dr. Francesca Fantuzzispecialist in dermatology, venereology and aesthetic medicine, consultant of Terme di Sirmione, «the key characteristics of olive skin are the tendency to form hyperpigmentationsbeing this type of skin pigmented and rich in melanin, but also that a hyper produce sebum».

Beauty routine for olive skin, how to

«Daily cleansing», Dr. Fantuzzi explains, «should be done with sebum-rebalancing cleansing products enriched with astringent active ingredients, ranging from gel to mousse. The habit of aweekly exfoliation, with smoothing and regenerating scrubs or peelings, at home and/or in the institute. Serum and cream should provide an adequate percentage of hydration, while offering a mattifying and anti-greasing effect, given that often those with an olive complexion tend to have a shiny T-zone. Of fundamental importance is the daily use (in every season!) of a photoprotector with high SPF to avoid the appearance or worsening of hyperpigmented spots. At morning, yes to an antioxidant serum: vitamins C and E in particular help to even out, lighten and brighten the complexion».

Here is a selection of excellent products for the beauty routine of olive skin.

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