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A cinematic phenomenon of the summer, “Barbie” is undeniably seen as a feminist film. However, Margot Robbie’s perfect plastic has given some women complexes and desires for surgery. In fact, on TikTok, trapeze botox is wreaking havoc.

After Kim Kardashian’s buttocks or Scarlett Johansson’s breasts, young Americans would now like to wear Margot Robbie’s neck. The main actress of the “Barbie” phenomenon would indeed have given a certain number of women the desire for botox… in the shoulders!

On TikTok, this new trend is spreading under the hashtag #BarbieBotox, as noted by CNN. It actually involves injecting botox (i.e. botulinum toxin) into the trapezius muscle – which extends in a diamond shape from the neck to the shoulders and down the middle of the back – to give the illusion of a longer neck.

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“Botox injections will relax the trapezius and prevent it from contracting. The muscle will therefore be less tense and you will have the impression that your shoulders are smaller, but your neck longer,” explains Dr. David Picovski, plastic and aesthetic surgeon in Paris.

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“The neck is a functional area”

This “aesthetic operation” – which is not one since it involves “simple injections” that do not even require being asleep – was brought to the fore by the American influencer Isabelle Lux.

On TikTok, she explained that she received 40 botox injections in the trapezius in the space of a month and assures that “it lengthens the neck, refines the shoulders and creates a very delicate physique when it is done well. »

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What’s next after this ad

Isabelle Lux also claimed the authorship of the expression “Barbie Botox”, because, she explained to CNN, “you look more like a Barbie when finished”.

However, Dr. David Picovski warns against the risks of this practice: “The neck is a functional area and the trapezius is used both to keep your head straight, to turn it laterally, to raise your shoulders or bring your shoulders back. back. This trend should therefore be taken with caution, because even if only the upper area of ​​the muscle is affected, there can be adverse effects on its functions. »

Risk of muscle paralysis

Moreover, if Isabelle Lux does not seem to regret her physical transformation, she clearly shows that these injections are not trivial: “once the Botox has entered, you cannot do anything to reverse the trend, she recalls. . And in the first week, I felt so much pain and tension and stiffness in my neck, shoulders and upper back that I was really, really worried. »

In any case, it is highly recommended to call on an aesthetic doctor to perform botox injections, because as Dr. Parisha Acharya reminds CNN: “If botox is administered incorrectly or at the wrong dose, it can paralyze the muscle completely.

Very seasonal operations

According to Dr. David Picovski, cosmetic surgery operations respond to a certain temporality. Thus, summer is generally conducive to the development of certain complexes that give rise to “silhouette surgery” at the start of the school year: gynecomastia (breast reduction) or abdominoplasty for men and breast augmentation and liposuction for women.

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