The Belgorod submarine moves: photographed by satellites in the Barents Sea

He continues his navigation tests, showing himself emerging in the waters at the gates of the Arctic. Belgorod, the largest and most powerful Russian nuclear submarine, has been photographed by commercial satellites in recent days Barents Sea. The images – disseminated by the analyst HI Sutton on the site Naval News – were taken on 22 and 27 September: the 184 meter long boat is located not far from its base, in the port of Severodvinsk.

Last Sunday Republic gave news of a report transmitted to the naval commands of NATO: an intelligence report according to which Belgorod would be close to experimenting with the super-torpedo Poseidon, often called “the weapon of the Apocalypse”. This is a new category of bomb, which carries a nuclear warhead and can strike at very great distances: we are talking about a range of 10,000 kilometers, with a speed of about one hundred kilometers per hour. The explosion at sea would be able to cause a wave of contaminated water similar to a tsunami and wipe out a metropolis like New York. Furthermore, the super-torpedo could not be detected by the US satellite network, equipped with infrared sensors to spot the ignition of Russian ICBMs.

A mysterious underwater drone, a secret weapon of the Ukrainians found adrift in the waters of the Crimea

by Floriana Bulfon

“Making predictions is dangerous – writes HI Sutton in the article accompanying the photos -. Nevertheless, we believe that a test launch of the Poseidon is not to be excluded. It could be a routine exercise, to test a new weapon system. Or it could be mostly a political move, a show of strength. Testing a nuclear device, even without a warhead, could be an element of Russia’s chosen escalation scale ”. The analyst underlines how the submarine’s emergence presence is a choice that conveys an ambiguous message.

Satellite images confirm – as he reported Republic – that Belgorod cannot be connected to the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines. The submarine was designed to manage mini-submarines and drones for operations in very deep depths, even of a thousand meters. But she has never strayed from the Kola Peninsula in the far north of Scandinavia. The boat was delivered to the Russian Navy on 8 July and has been fine-tuning the on-board equipment ever since. Her main armament is made up of the Poseidon torpedoes, which have never been tested in operational activities so far.

Italy deploys ships and robots to defend gas pipelines after the Nord Stream explosion

by Gianluca Di Feo

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