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Often women decide to cut their hair when they want to express the desire to start over, cut the past and present themselves to the world different.

Yet, behind a short haircut there is not always all this psychology, it may just be time to refresh your image. Sometimes, short haircuts also help to strengthen the hair, especially if it has been subjected to a lot of stress from various dyes and treatments.

Whatever your motivation, in this article you will find all the hairstyles for short hair of the moment including taking inspiration.

How to choose the cut that best suits your face

When it comes to hairstyles for short hair, there are different options for every face and hair type. In fact, not all cuts are good for everyone and some have the ability to enhance one face more than another.

This means you need to consider your face type before choosing any new hairstyle. Don’t be fascinated by the cuts you see in magazines, because whatever looks good on one person could have a completely different effect on you!

If you have always worn long or medium hair until now and you feel that it is time for a change, think carefully before rushing to the salon.

Sometimes rash hairstyle decisions can do more harm than good. If you find a good and responsible hairdresser, he will surely be able to advise you by proposing the right cut for your face.

What hair stylists often don’t say, however, is the maintenance that the cut requires. It takes little to leave the salon as splendid as ever, but then what? What happens when you have to wash your hair yourself at home? will you be able to create the same hairstyle?

Think about this too when choosing your new cut. Follow our advice on hairstyles for short hair to choose according to your face and how to manage them over time.

Heart-shaped face: cut for short layered hair

Heart-shaped faces are beautiful to look at because they have cheekbones that stand out and a small chin that slims the figure. However, for harmonize features prominent features of such a face, it is essential to use hair.

The so-called “Side-sweep”that is, a layered cut on the sides, is the perfect hairstyle for women with a heart-shaped face as the heavy bangs create balance on the face.

This type of cut involves a fringe that falls gently to one side. If you are unfamiliar with styling and perhaps leave your hair to air dry, you may end up with unmanageable hair that goes in every direction. So you won’t be able to do without the hairdryer.

At low speed, blow dry your bangs in the direction you want it to go, running your fingers lightly across the ends, so they don’t stick on your face. If you want, you can also give a few strokes of the plate to create some extravagant and soft waves.

If you really don’t want to waste time on the hairstyle, consider a very short pixie cut, being careful not to create too many volumes at the top.

Short hair for oval-faced women: angular bob

Many celebrities like Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston have oval shaped faces, which gives them a myriad of hairstyle choices to choose from.

Since an oval-shaped face is softer and more regular, cuts can be bolder. The only key factor to watch out for is the chin size: The hairdresser will need to be able to create an angled and layered hairstyle in the right way to balance your look.

A angular bob it’s a great solution for the oval face too because the thin layers around the face keep it soft, while the cut itself will add dimension.

Whether you have straight hair or short wavy hair, the bob can be handled easily. Help yourself with one round brush when you dry them to create shine and body for your new cut.

To tame any unruly locks, just use a couple of drops of your own hair oil favorite.

If your face is square in shape: short bob with bangs

With a square face, you will probably be aware that you have an important profile. A face with a prominent forehead and jaw is often considered bold and beautiful.

A short bob with bangs does a great job of making your square face slightly rounder. If you have straight hair, you have a great foundation for experimenting. Girls with curly locks, on the other hand, will need a little extra maintenance.

Experienced stylists know that square, oval and round face shapes look best with bangs. There are so many short haircuts to choose from and all of them can be slightly tweaked to work best for your face shape.

So, on a square face you can certainly indulge yourself more, arranging the hairstyle as you like, for example, by doing a side row.

Alternatively, if you have a square face and don’t want hair that is too short, you can opt for a medium length cut that comes to the shoulders. In fact, the hair that falls beyond the jaw camouflages your boxy structure. This could make your look softer and even more romantic.

If your face is round in shape: pixie cut

The round face is the ideal geometric style for the famous pixie cut. As the pixie cut is based on very short sides and a voluminous top, this look helps to visually elongate the face.

If the thought of getting a super short haircut scares you, know that i very short hair they actually give you a lot. Chin-length bobs, on the other hand, are a no to this face shape, as they further highlight the round shape.

Styling in this case is very simple and in the summer you will have no problem washing them as many times as you want because they dry immediately and do not need a hairstyle. If you want to add an extra touch to your look, you can use a small amount of wax and bring your hair forward, creating a more chic image.

Elongated face: play with dimensions

A long face shape needs a hairstyle that apparently cuts the length in half. If you have curly hair, the short bob it’s a good option because it stops at the chin and gives extra volume at the top.

Alternatively, especially if you have short wavy hair, try a “Lob”. What it is, simply a longer bob. This hairstyle is best for a longer face. It is a cut that adds volume to the sides of the facemaking your overall look more balanced.

Keep in mind to ditch the lob if your hair is straight, as straight lines will make your face even longer.

A long face, however, has nothing wrong with it. If you like the shape and have no intention of hiding it, dare with a short cut with very short sides and volume only at the top. You will go to emphasize the shape of your long face and you will focus everything on one feature that it will draw all the attention to you. A bold eye makeup will be the best to complete your punk look!

What color to combine with short haircuts

Is a short haircut not enough to give your look a boost? Try to amaze by changing color with i trend 2022 and you will see that choosing a fresh hair color idea will prove to be one of the best ways to define your style.

When you choose the shade with which dye your hair shortConsider colors that suit your skin tone, identifying whether you have cool or warm undertones. In fact, the coloring of the skin, lips and eyes can be enhanced by choosing the right hair color.

The color of the silver and lavender hair are in big trend right now. Together with a faded pixie cut they are perfect. In fact, the slightly boyish cut receives a feminine and ethereal touch thanks to the skilful use of color.

The balayage on short hair it looks very natural and the crinkled texture makes the blonde locks stand out. This coloring technique adds dimension to short hair and shows texture, ideal if you don’t have particularly thick hair.

Short wavy cuts are quirky and feminine, especially when treated with highlights platinum blonde. The strong contrast between the natural dark root and the platinum layers adds further character.

Finally, the copper and all shades of bright red on short hair they adapt beautifully to pale skin tones and the choppy cut blends the shades, creating richness and movement.

Which one do you choose?

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