The best celebrity hairstyles over 50

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Many of us have spent our entire lives growing our hair, in order to cut it when we reach “a certain age”. In the past, women felt obliged to limit their hair length as they reached middle age. But fortunately, today it is more important than how we “should” look in favor of what makes us feel good. The option to grow your hair down to the waist at 70 is part of that.

– We are moving away from thinking that women of a certain age must have short hairy, agrees Dom Seeley, International Creative Director of Color Wow. – It’s about what makes you feel confident – what defines your style and personality. There is nothing wrong with shortening your hair as you age, but don’t conform to social beliefs about how you should feel and look.

Celebrity hairstyles will also provide you with inspiration when you are over 50 years old. The list goes on: Sarah Jessica Parker, Monica Bellucci, Julianne Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Lopez, and Naomi Campbell all wear hair below their shoulders. – Jane Seymour has a soft fringe that flows around her face and a great color, while Michelle Pfeiffer’s hair is soft and wavy, always a little messye, says hair stylist Paul Edmonds. – All these women look great for their age, without trying to look like they are 20 years old.

One rule of thumb for long hair – regardless of age, but especially as you age – is to keep it in perfect condition. Caring for trimmed hair is fairly easy, but as it grows in, more attention should be paid to the hair from mid-length and at the ends so it doesn’t look unhealthy and dull. Instead of a rigid schedule of hair cuts every six weeks, Seeley advises you to stick to it and your hair habits. – Everyone’s hair grows differently, and the way you care for and maintain it affects how often you trim it – says.

As hair ages, it is more likely to feel dry and rough due to the texture of the gray hair, as well as the loss of essential lipids and moisture, which can lead to breakage, lack of shine and bounce. Edmonds also recommends special care to deeply nourish and smooth each strand – conditioners, treatments and hair masks. – J.If you follow the rules of good care, use heat protection products and invest in high-quality electric tools for drying and styling your hair, you will not risk becoming dry and brittle – which means you will have to trim them more often – adds Seeley.

You hesitate Experts advise you to talk to your hairdresser about which longer hairstyles will suit your face shape and what length will be best for you. – Soft bangs and layers that draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones are always good, “says Edmonds, while Seeley recommends seeking inspiration from famous women.” They (and their hairdressers) know how to accentuate your face by using color and variety. lengths that emphasize our advantages – from skin to eyes – making us look younger.

From shoulder-length hair to mermaid-length hair, “Vogue” presents the best hairstyles for people in their 50s.

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