The best comedy series of 2021. Every fan of the genre must know these titles [TOP]

What to watch when we’re sad? I guarantee that these comedy series will put a smile on the faces of even the biggest gloomy people. Here are the best must-see comedies.

Work, duty, complaining … sometimes you have to chill out too. In 2021, something will definitely help us cheer up or at least forget about the world and its problems for a moment – comedy series are perfect for this. Before you wonder why the Simpsons or Rick and Morty are missing here, I answer – you’ll find them in the best animations for adults.

Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) is a wealthy, talented, overly alcohol-loving bachelor. His life is full of entertainment, overnight adventures and music that he earns a living. Everything looked perfect until he took in his brother Alan (Jon Cryer) and his son (Angus T. Jones). Alan is the complete opposite of his brother – he is a divorced man who barely has enough for his alimony, and who has a hard time dealing with women. Even though the brothers are so different, they try to make a good home for Jake and get along somehow. From time to time, their apparent order of the storm was Alan’s wife, Rose’s indolent neighbor, or the brothers’ selfish mother.

The series won 14 awards, as well as the audience’s sympathy and critical acclaim.

After the accident, Eleanor (Kristen Bell) dies and goes to the Good Place – a paradise for good and noble people. However, the main character quickly realizes that there has been a mistake, and she is not the Eleanor she is here for. Fortunately, former ethics lecturer Chidi (William Jackson Harper) tries to help the woman by giving her lessons in being a good person. This comedy by the creator of “Brooklyn 9-9” is a production full of original dialogues and jokes, which won the hearts of viewers not only with its script, but also well-chosen actors. Ted Danson, Jameela Jamil, Manny Jacinto and D’Arcy Carden also play alongside the main character. The series received 9 awards (including Kristen Bell as Favorite Comedy Actress or Most Exciting New Series) and 52 nominations.

Attorney Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) loses his job after it turns out he doesn’t have a license. He’s smart, so he enrolls in the weakest college in town to get it. The most vulnerable high school graduates, housewives and retirees study at Greendale Community College. Completing the diploma is relegated to the background when he meets new friends and becomes seriously involved in student life. There is a more sophisticated sense of humor in “Community”, which not everyone can consider as an advantage. The series was a great comeback of Chevy Chase, whose career slowed down at one point and opened the door to international fame for Donald Glover. Later, the actor created the series “Atlanta”, played Lando in “Han Solo: A Star Wars Story”, and released the mega hit “This is America”.

8. Pink 70s / Fox Comedy

An American comedy series set in the 1970s. The production shows the adventures of a group of friends from Point Place, Wisconsin. The team consists of: Eric (Topher Grace) – funny, intelligent, but clumsy group leader, Donna (Laura Prepon) – intelligent, beautiful and ambitious Eric’s girlfriend, Steven (Danny Masterson) – opponent of the system and admirer of conspiracy theories, Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) – a nice and eccentric exchange student (although no one knows from which country), Jackie (Mila Kunis) – the youngest of the pack, as beautiful and rich as shamelessly spoiled, and Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) – a very handsome and not too bright boy Jackie. The whole group spends most of their time in Eric’s basement, where they mostly smoke marijuana and discuss their problems. The series reflects the atmosphere of the 70s well, was well received by viewers, as evidenced by the fact that it received a 6x Teen’s Choice award and an Emmy award.

Geek version of “Friends”. The main characters are a group of friends – scientists whose social abilities are inversely proportional to the level of their knowledge of quantum physics and “Star Trek”. A new neighbor, a waitress, who is guided by completely different values ​​in life, becomes a counterbalance to the company of cellars. The meetings of these two worlds provoke volleys of laughter, and not only among the audience present in the studio. The popularity of the series is evidenced by the guests who scrolled through 12 seasons. On the screen we could see, among others Stephen Hawking, Buzz Aldrin, Bill Gates, Stan Lee, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

A comedy of errors in which we observe the fate of a multigenerational family in various configurations and with various problems – a white rich man who married a younger sex bomb from Colombia, a marriage with three adolescent children and a gay couple who adopted a girl. And believe it or not, this is not a series of political correctness. One of the main roles – this rich white man – is played by Ed O’Neill, aka Al Bundy from “The World According to the Bundes”.

5. Technicy-magicians / Netflix

“Hello! IT department. And did you try to turn it off and on again? ” – it is from this series that the saying that helps with many bugs comes from. The cult production is endowed with a specific British sense of humor. Its main characters are two nerds from the IT department presented in a painfully stereotypical way. Their headquarters is located in the basement of a large corpo. The series begins with the arrival of their new boss, who is at odds with technology. This leads to a myriad of hilarious situations. Fans so far cannot get over that “Technicians-magicians” only had four 6-episode seasons.

Incurable romantic Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) tells his children a really long story of searching for true love. Despite the comedic character, the series also contains a bit of bitterness, which allows us to treat the main characters not only as a figment of someone’s imagination, but above all as true friends with whom we experience ups and downs. Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), the supporting hero of pick-up, high five and legendary stories, was especially fond of the audience. The series received, among others 10 Emmy Awards as well as 62 nominations.

3. Chłopaki z baraków / Netflix

Taking into account the number of ratings from IMDb and Filmweb, it can be concluded that the series was especially liked by Poles. The Canadians living in the Sunnyvale barracks estate have many of the characteristics associated with our stereotypical national vices: they try hard not to get too much work, they like to screw up and throw bellows like a mad shoemaker. “Chłopaki z baraków” is a series stylized as a cottage-industry documentary, so not everyone will like this form. However, thanks to this, the characters are made of flesh and blood, their sick actions are watched with bated breath, and many texts have entered the dictionary of colloquial speech. The series initially had only 7 seasons, but after it was taken over by Netflix, it saw more series and spin-offs – according to some conservative fans – weaker. The others were glad that they could immerse themselves in this pathoepopoeia for a long time.

It is a book that needs no introduction, a comedy appreciated by both mature audiences and teenagers experimenting with various genres. Some people appreciate the title for its sense of humor, others return to it with fondness, and still others watch it for the relationship between the title characters that evolved over time and eventually survived the entire series. Over the years, the series has already gained a cult status, has become an important element of pop culture, and for many people a model of true friendship. Winner of 30 awards, including Golden Globes, multiple Emmy, People’s Choice and Teen Choice awards.

1. Office / Amazon Prime Video

If there’s one reason why it’s worth paying a subscription (or a trial period) to Amazon’s streaming service, it’s “The Office”. The American remake of the British series mockumentary is already a cult. It sounds boring to follow the lives of employees of the office that sells paper on nomen omen paper, but the creators have managed to turn into an extremely interesting series with characters that cannot fail to fall in love (well, maybe with the exception of Toby). An inexhaustible breeding ground for memes, laughter and tears.

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