The best films of July in cinemas and in streaming

July movies, all new releases

Summer is tinged with courage: all the July films arriving in cinemas or on streaming platforms, in fact, revolve around the fearless behavior – bordering on unconsciousness – of the various protagonists. Whether it’s a horror film (like Nope with Keke Palmer) or a cinecomic (like Thor: Love and Thunder, where a woman, Natalie Portman, takes the hammer of power for the first time).

The new releases for July start with the great classics revisited in a modern style, such as Persuasion by Jane Austen in the version of Dakota “Fifty Shades” Johnson, to get to the action with stars of the caliber of Ryan Gosling (The gray man). Not that the presence of female warriors should surprise us again, but in fact it is always a pleasure to see a princess take up the sword and fight for her own destiny (from Brave onwards).

This month, fiction thrives on strong emotions, quirky adventures and high-stakes tales, but you don’t have to resort to weapons to prove them. Josh O’Connor of The Crown knows this well, reuniting with his mother in the series, Olivia Colman, for the project of Secret Love, a passionate love story as forbidden as it is engaging.

Here are 5 titles not to be missed

1. Secret love (20 July cinema)

The title that bewitched the Cannes Film Festival arrives in Italy with all the poetic and poignant force of a clandestine and impossible relationship. In 1924, a lover can ruin a lower-class woman’s reputation and disinherit a scion at the same time. For these and many other reasons Paul (Josh O’Connor), aristocrat and bored, is unable to date maid Jane (Odessa Young) out in the open. They are languid, passionate, sometimes ferocious lovers who steal every moment of solitude away from the family to intertwine their bodies as in a dance. The girl works for the spouses Niven (Colin Firth and Olivia Colman), neighbors of Paul’s family, whose traumatic past infects everything, absolutely everything …

Secret love


2. The princess (July 1st on Disney +)

Other than a romantic heroine: this time Joey King becomes a Brave-style warrior princess. Despite the wishes of her parents, she rejects an arranged marriage and engages in an unequal confrontation against the one who would be her husband (actually a usurper of the kingdom) and against her army. Small, but certainly not helpless, she tries to save her family and community by herself, but by putting into practice all the teachings of a wise warrior.

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