The best foundations according to celebrity makeup artists – top 7 ranking

Foundations used by celebrity make-up artists must be durable, covering and beautifying the skin, giving it a “healthy glow”. Actresses, singers, influencers and models want to look perfect in every situation, which is why they require only the best cosmetics from their make-up artists. We checked which foundations star make-up artists use to provide their clients with a flawless look without the mask effect.

The best foundation? The one trusted by professionals working behind the scenes at prestigious events. Fluids they use must be reliable and give a catwalk effect. A photo session, a fashion show, posing on a wall or walking on the red carpet – make-up for such occasions only allows proven, good quality products. The complexion under the fire of camera flashes must look phenomenal: to be uniform, smooth, illuminated, and at the same not to resemble a mask. You can achieve this effect at home by choosing foundations used by famous make-up artists. We have selected the best 7.

The best foundations for make-up artists: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

His ardent supporter is Quinn Murphy (@quinnmurphy), make-up artist of stars such as Natalie Portman, Amber Heard, Elle Fanning or models Lily Aldridge. When asked about his favorite foundation, Luminous Silk Foundation always lists first. “To this day, I haven’t found a better, more silky and natural-looking foundation than this one. It has a wide range of colors to suit most skin tones, so virtually any woman can perfectly match it to her complexion. It has a light texture and gives an opalescent, semi-matte finish when applied”- lists its advantages. The foundation has won the recognition of make-up artists also because it is quite plastic, you can mix it with other make-up products and apply as many layers as required to cover any imperfections. “It blends very easily and you can do it without a problem gradate its opacity. For women who need a little more hydration, I mix it with a drop of essential oil, such as Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse”Advises Murphy.

The best foundations for make-up artists: MAC Face and Body Foundation

You’ll find it in the chest of many famous makeup artists, including Ashleigh Ciucci (@beauteousmax) responsible for the makeup of models during New York Fashion Weeks and photo sessions. She worked, among others for Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs if Michael Kors. “MAC Face and Body Foundation it’s super light and watery so perfectly imitates the natural texture of the skin. However, it can be emulsified in the hollow of the hand (just rub the fluid with your index finger using circular movements), and then it becomes a lotion and becomes more opaque. Plus you can use it all over your body from head to toe”- advises the make-up artist. Durability can also be added to the list of the advantages of MAC foundation – it stays on the face up to 15 hours.

The best foundations for make-up artists: Chanel Vitalumière Aqua

Without this foundation, he cannot imagine his work Kate Lee (@kateleemakeup), a make-up artist whose regular customers are Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway and Rooney Mara. “Chanel Vitalumière Aqua it’s a product that I couldn’t live without! Its formula is amazing light and illuminatingin addition, it is very easy to apply. This foundation looks more like a better version of your own skin“- reveals the make-up artist. “You can apply it with your fingertips, but for a flawless effect, apply a few drops of the fluid to the larger parts of the face (cheeks, forehead, chin), then pick up the Beauty Blender, spray it with Chanel Moisturizing Essence and gently blend the fluid with a sponge to melt it. getting into the skin. Effect? Radiant skin, additionally protected from the sun thanks to the SPF 15 filter contained in the foundation“. You can buy Chanel Vitalumière Aqua at Douglas perfumeries.

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The best foundations for make-up artists: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat

An advocate of using this foundation is Troy Surratt (@troysurratt), a make-up artist who collaborated with Uma Thurman, Kim Kardashian and Adele. “Touche Éclat YSL it is not burdensome for the skinand at the same time provides perfect coverage. It gives the skin a radiant, healthy finish that looks amazingly natural. It greatly improves the texture of the skin, evens out its color and reduces discoloration. At the same time, its formula is so well pigmented that it can even hide pimples”- lists the advantages of Surratt foundation. “It looks great on all skin types due to its illuminating finish, but for women with an oily T-zone, it is worth adding a powder (…). I always apply it with a moistened Beauty Blender, using stamping movements, because this way we leave the optimal amount of the product on the skin and any excess soaks into the sponge“.

The best make-up foundations: Dior Forever Natural Nude

The advantages of this foundation are appreciated by make-up artists around the world, also in Poland. A make-up artist is one of the fans of the product Magda Pieczonka (@magdapieczonkamakeup) known for working with They have Sablewska. This is what she told us about the benefits of the cosmetic: “It is one of the few foundations that works for most of my clients. Beautifully illuminates the skin, making it look healthy and at the same time providing good coverage, but without the mask effect. Makes the skin naturally radiant, but not shiny. Its shades fall into the yellow tones that I like the most“.

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The best make-up foundations: NARS Sheer Glow

Allan Avendaño (@allanface) is responsible for the makeup of celebrities such as Zendaya, Nina Dobrev, Ashley Graham and Vanessa Hudgens. One of his favorite foundations is NARS Sheer Glowwho among its advantages lists the healthy, radiant effect it gives on the skin: “It gives a natural, satin finish, not too luminous, but not too matte“. In order for the fluid to look impeccable on the skin, the make-up artist recommends preparing the skin well before applying the foundation: “I advise you to always start with good skin hydration before applying it; for the most natural effect, warm up a little foundation in your fingers and rub it with your fingertips for a fresh complexion. If you want better coverage, use a sponge – this way you will better cover imperfections in selected parts of the face. For maximum coverage, apply the product with a flat foundation brush or a round brush with dense, compact bristles“. You can buy NARS Sheer Glow at Sephora perfumeries.

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The best foundations for make-up artists: Koh Gen Do Aqua

Japanese background Koh Gen Do Aqua it is a bit less known among average makeup users, but is highly appreciated by professionals. Uses, among others makeup artist Nick Barose (@nickbarose)whose clients are Lupita Nyong’o, Emma Roberts and Kate Mara: “I love the Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation. It has medium coverage, but you can reduce it with a damp sponge or increase it by applying additional layers. It looks like a second skin, because it has illuminating particles that give the effect of a wet shine, just like in the case of a healthy, moist skin (…) I even use it for clients who have oily skin – although it is illuminating, it does not increase shine“. The product was also appreciated by Polish make-up artists, it is recommended by, among others Magdalena Lach: “My Holy Grail when it comes to foundations. It is a Japanese water-based HD foundation, completely invisible on the skin, with a mineral composition. It does not contain parabens, sulfates and is not tested on animals. It gives the effect of a second skin, but better – shiny and rested, and the foundation is not visible”- this is how the make-up artist in our series described his operation Secret cosmetics of make-up artists – Magdalena Lach.

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