The Best Looks That Belinda Wore as a Judge in la Voz México

During her participation in the two seasons of La Voz México, the singer wore an endless number of outfits, each one more striking than the other, and these were the ones that attracted the most attention

Belinda throughout her career has become a fashion icon, and that is why now we present her best looks in ‘ La Voz México ‘.

The singer Belinda is well known in Mexico not only for her great voice and catchy songs but for the looks with which she is always all the rage, always wearing the best haute couture outfits that many would like to be able to wear.

With daring dresses, striking shoes and necklaces, even very quirky hairstyles, Belinda has always known how to impose fashions, since from a very young age she has shown good taste in dressing, and her looks have been replicated by many.

During her participation in ‘ La Voz México ‘, especially, the singer of ‘Luz sin gravity’ modeled many dresses, each one more impressive than the other, leaving all viewers with their mouths open, and pending in each broadcast of what is what Belinda decided to wear on that occasion.

Let’s remember that it is also in ‘ La Voz México ‘ where Belinda found love since since then she has had a very tender romance with the singer Christian Nodal, who was also a judge in 2020 with Belinda.

In this last year just ended, Belinda shared the panel of judges, in addition to Christian Nodal, with María José and Ricardo Montaner.

But among them, Belinda was always the one who stole attention with her outfits, each one more striking than the last, with costumes with a lot of shine and rhinestones, makeup, although very loaded, always impeccable, and many accessories that perfectly complemented with her dress.

That look stands out with a black lace dress, with which the singer looked like a queen, as she accompanied it with a spectacular golden crown with rhinestones, and a fan of the same color to complement the style, as well as fleshy red lips with the that conquered Nodal and many more.

Also her most angelic side, Belinda wore a very short and low-cut silver dress, which she accompanied with a halo on her head that defied gravity, also full of rhinestones as the singer could not miss.

Also, that dress that, in equal parts sensual and elegant, she used to accompany her partner María José in the interpretation of ‘I prefer to be her lover’, with which both divas joined their voices and unleashed the madness of the viewers.

On another occasion, Belinda stole glances with a shiny set of black pants and jacket, obviously also with rhinestones, wearing nothing but a very revealing matching top below.

And that dress in which from the jury chair did not go unnoticed, with quite pronounced shoulder pads, very much in the style of Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga, all in very striking silver applications.

With some mistakes, but almost always successes, Belinda caught the eye of the audience with her very unique looks that set trends, and that very surely cost a fortune, and showed in each of the broadcasts that no one else can wear them as she does…

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