The best music festivals in Galicia this summer

Music festivals have ceased to be a mere complement to the programming of activities in Galician towns and cities, to become tourist attractions, as in Ortiguerra, whose festival has been declared of international tourist interest or a mecca for fans of metal music. Has gone. styles, as is the case of Vivero with his Resurrection Fest. Both take place in rural settings, outside the major tourist circuits, two features that are repeated in the twenty or so long festivals that Galicia hosts between now and the end of summer.

Ouran Sound Fest begins on May 25 with four days of music, with Filas de Cassandra, Andrés Calamaro, Xinova, Bauca, Juancho Marques, Depedro y Carino, The Rapantes, among others, performing during the four days of the festival. do. ,

The following appointment, from 15 to 17 June, takes place in Monte do Gojo, on the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela, “O Son do Camino”, an event that in its first editions was able to unsubscribe for three days. Duration in just a few hours since being put on sale. Season tickets went on sale this year before the poster’s main characters left, and they sold out again in a short amount of time, but an unusual phenomenon has occurred after the fact, with season tickets being resold by many buyers who cheated. Hua felt contracted programming, at first, at the same price they went on sale and in recent weeks at even lower prices. “The poster is not up to the level of previous versions, at least as far as my musical tastes are concerned and I think this is a widely shared opinion as I have seen on social networks that there are more cases like mine and We haven’t yet managed to resell them”, commented one of the people who put two season tickets up for sale in this newspaper. At the opposite pole are those who welcomed the change during the festival. in which national figures and Latin rhythms have gained more prominence, with names such as Vatista Morla, Zoel López, Viva Suecia, Ginebras, Delaporte, Polish Girl, etc. Shock Girl is one of forty performances that take place over three days.

concerts and weddings

Mecca of heavy metal and hard rock in Spain and one of the main ones in Europe, the followers of the Resurrection festival are more unconditional by Vivero, through whose stages the best of all its genres have performed in full editions. , Celebrating and he returns from June 28 to July 1. Ghost, Pantera, Slipknot and Parkway Drive are the headliners of a bill that brings together nearly a hundred bands across four performance stages: Main, Ritual, Chaos and Desert. Extreme music becomes the paradigm of coexistence in Vivero, with a special area for families with children, activities for the little ones with the Resukids program and in this 2023 edition they have added a novelty: the Resulland Chapel, the wedding chapel , “the place where you can give the deepest and most extreme yes of your life. Why go to Las Vegas when you can come to Vivero?”, as explained by the organization.

The next rendezvous point in the calendar of this festival is Ortigüera with the “International Festival of the Celtic World” from 9 to 16 July. Of the seven daughters of Broggen mentioned by Conqueiro (Galicia, Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, Cornwall, Wales and the Isle of Man) there are eight, along with Asturias. It is the Celtic universe around which takes place the oldest festival in Galicia, with forty-five years of history and hundreds of performances with figures that practically put on its stage the voices of folk from all over the world. On the bill for this year’s edition we will find Algaire, Anxo Lorenzo and Eoghan Neff, David Bellas, Escola de Gaitas de Ortigueira, Felpeyu, Fetén Fetén with P. Pascual, Four Men and a Dog, Holiday Club, JDC, Le Vent du. Nord, Rubén Diaz, Rura, Sondesseau, Startijn, Talisque, Trikitri, Xabier Diaz, Xisco Feijoo, Zurkso Fernandes, Elephant Sessions, Make Lir and A Banda das Krechas.

camping and glamping

Ortiguera was not only the pioneer of festivals in Galicia. It was also the first to have a campsite organized to avoid the wild camping that in many cases occurs with this type of event away from the normal tourist circuit. Today camping is an option that is present at practically all festivals. In those mentioned so far, it is offered as a complementary option or even as a “glamping” variant, which is a campsite with better accommodation, in which festival-goers can stay. Campers are not required to bring a tent or essential elements for camping as organizations set up their own settlement tents with more comfortable equipment than traditional campsites.

Celtic and indie music lovers will have to choose between the Ortigueira festival and the Portamerica festival organized by Portas as the dates almost coincide. The latter is held on July 13, 14 and 15 with a lineup that combines voices and pop and rock bands from both sides of the Atlantic. De Luxe, Guitaricadelafuente, Sebastian Yatra, Nicky Nicol, George Drexler, Bad Gyal, Molotov, Macallan and Loquillo are just some of the names that lead a lineup that combines music with gastronomy to “shorocking” the space, including Those attending the concert will also be able to enjoy the work of chefs and chefs who represent avant-garde gastronomy on both sides of the ocean. Organized by Pepe Sola, this initiative includes more than thirty participants from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, England, Andalusia, Madrid, Castilla y León and of course Galicia, with a large representation, with no shortage of chefs from Ourense. Like Anxo Trives, Lydia del Olmo and Xosé Magallaes and from Vigo, like Diego Novas.

One of the most unique of the festivals held throughout the summer is Sinsal, which is celebrating its twenty-first edition this year. The fact that the festival requires you to travel by boat, either from the port of Vigo or from the Mirande Museum, in Rande, to reach San Simón Island, is not its only originality. The second thing is that ever since it started being held, the public has no idea who they are going to see perform. From July 21 to July 23, a program of guaranteed variety, but then secret until the first chords of each concert reveal who is on stage.

While Sinsal is taking place in San Simón, Atlantik Fest is taking place in Villagarcia de Arosa, with a lineup led by LIVA, Viva Suecia, Sidecar, Sidoni, Leon Benavente and La Bien Querida. Already in August, the next appointment is with Sonarias Bikes in Bayou. Boycott, Lendcaris Muertos, Tremenda Juaria, La Pegatina, are some of the more than twenty bands that participate in the twentieth anniversary edition.

The Light Festival, organized by Luz Casal in their hometown of Boimorto, is held this year on 25, 26 and 27 August with a very eclectic line-up, in which we will find performances by the bands, Polish Girl, Brothers in Locomia. Luar na lubre, Ramoncí, Rayden or Herdeiros da Crus. A festival of togetherness with leisure activities for visitors of all ages.

The last event on this list is the Raviendas de Villaxón festival, which brings together many exponents of combative rock, rap, punk and other sounds, with Descato, Ska-P, Los Chicos del Mais, Dakidaria and a large group.

In addition to those mentioned, there are other music festivals or festivals that combine music with other activities, as is the case of O Marisquino in Vigo, where much attention is paid to sports competitions that have made it one of the most relevant. One has been made. Summer events. To this we must add the great concerts that many Galician municipalities organize to liven up their festivities and Vigo has always been one of the centers of attention due to the free nature of the concerts in Castrelos.

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