The best pizzerias in Milan (and beyond) to try in autumn

The best pizzerias in Milan renew a great classic, invented in Naples in the eighteenth century. And they project it into the needs of contemporary life and style

It is an unstoppable seasonal impulse. When autumn begins, the desire for comfort food grows. And pizza, at least in Italy, is one of the comfort foods par excellence.

It will be that the carbohydrates, seasoned with mozzarella and tomato, are able to restore the right level of endorphins and prepare us for gloomy days. Or because, like many of the Mediterranean dishes, even pizza (born in Naples in the eighteenth century) is synonymous with conviviality – as the book tells us Pizza. A Neapolitan story by Antonio and Donatella Mattozzi, published by Slow Food Editore.

In fact, in recent years his recipe has been the protagonist of a growing interest and a structural change that has profoundly revolutionized it. In the same way, the ancient and humble profession of the pizza maker has given way to modern oven “gurus” who represent a complex meeting of craftsmanship, creativity and entrepreneurship – in this sense the cases of Gino Sorbillo are exemplary, who after Naples also opened in New York, Tokyo and Miami, and of the very young Ciro Oliva, architect of the international success of Concettina at the Tre Santi in the Sanità district.

Despite many Neapolitans ironizing (often rightly and with parochial pride) about the pizzerias of other cities, it must be said that a Milan today the offer is so varied and experimental that it allows you to savor a truly impressive quantity of doughs, traditions, versions and raw materials. Between crunchy, gourmet, fried, vegan and Roman pizzas, here we propose the 10 best pizzerias in Milan, with a warning: many of them also have offices in other cities, therefore it is not necessary to live in the Lombard capital to try them. It’s up to you to decide, after trying them, which is the best pizza in Milan …

  1. Biga Milan

“With the pre-fermentation biga that we use, the pizza is lighter, leavened, melt and digestible” explains Gennaro Esposito, 33, who together with Alessandro Gherardi, Manuela and Fabiana Pastore, Paolo Scognamiglio and the pizza chef Simone Nicolosi opened Biga in via Time in Milan after a long experience in Naples. Nicolosi is a volcano of ideas and he loves experimenting with flavors, textures and seasonal ingredients, keeping some proposals for vegetarians on the menu (including the veggie of the month). “Our pizza has a more sophisticated recipe than the traditional one, even if the aspect is that of the classic Neapolitan one. We make a real restaurant kitchen, complete with a chef, for this reason we think about the creams to be used as condiments on pasta, the balances in the always first quality raw materials“, keep on. Biga’s pizza is very beautiful, alveolar and seasoned, perfect for Instagram like the restaurant – inside which stands the large neon sign Milano Fashion Pizza, with a vaguely retro American taste. “The format was born here but it is expandable to other cities, but not too much, because I want to keep the level of the offer high”. Meanwhile, Biga has received the recognition of Excellence from 50 Top Pizza 2022 and 2 segments Gambero Rosso. On the menu, try the classic Marinaré (pan pizza with 4 different types of tomato and 75% biga dough with 80% hydration, rye flour and mixed seeds) and pizza with pumpkin cream base, fiordilatte mixed with smoked provola, yellow and red confit datterino tomatoes, buffalo ricotta flavored with lime and pepper, poppy seeds, black pig lard from Caserta, served at the table with a surprisingly fragrant touch!

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