The best PS4 exclusive games – which were the most gamers’ finished?

For the sake of accuracy, I would like to point out that the statistics are based on the website collecting and sharing all information about cups for games launched on PlayStation consoles. The game time was published from In addition, the list could not include the hit Until Dawn and loved by many Bloodborne due to the lack of a trophy for just completing the game.

Ratchet & Clank (2016)

The list was unexpectedly opened by an adventure game called – Ratchet & Clank (2016). We get the first trophy in this case after a 10-minute tutorial interspersed with cutscenes introducing us to the main characters of the game. Already at this stage, almost 8% of players who fired the 2016 Ratchet at least for a minute on their PlayStation have dropped out.

  • The first trophy (activity on Veldin) won by: 92.2% of the owners of the game.
  • The last story trophy earned by: 23.7% of the game owners.
  • Main plot length: 10 hours.

Days Gone

The situation is also not very interesting in the case of Days Gone, which was underestimated by critics. In his case, during the introductory motorcycle ride with Boozer, we get the first cup – about 10/15 minutes of gameplay. Better than in the case of Ratchet & Clank, but in comparison to the next exclusive titles quite … vague.

  • The first trophy (collect the first collectible) earned by: 94.9% of game owners.
  • The last story trophy earned by: 26.7% of the game owners.
  • Main plot length: 37 hours.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake throws another cup into our collection during the first fight, taking place on a platform guarded by several guards. With the successful remake of Square Enix, more or less 33 hours were spent by more than 1/3 of the owners of the game, which is a solid result, paying attention to the above-mentioned Days Gone.

  • First trophy (win the battle) earned by: 97.1% of the game owners.
  • The last story trophy earned by: 36.3% of the game owners.
  • Main plot length: 33 hours.

Uncharted 4

In Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, we get the first trophy only in the second chapter of the game and it is not located on the main road, which ultimately means that only 83.7% of owners of the game won any treasure in Naughty Dog’s production. This is a very low statistic, but it shows how many people gave up Nathan Drake’s adventure after the second, third or maximum fourth chapter of the game. Until then, it would be a miracle not to find a collectible in this game.

  • The first trophy (find the treasure) earned by: 83.7% of the game owners.
  • The last story trophy earned by: 38.9% of the game owners.
  • Main plot length: 15 hours.

The Order 1886

As in the case of Uncharted 4, the first cup in The Order: 1886 is won later. In the Ready At Dawn position – even very late, because only at the end of the third chapter of the game, when we try to defeat the rebels and get a termite rifle. Then the game tells us that we can shoot at flammable material (but it does not force it, which means that the cup could be obtained later!), So it takes about an hour and a half from the beginning of the game to this point.

  • The first trophy (kill three enemies simultaneously) won by: 63.7% of the game owners.
  • The last story trophy won by: 43.4% of the game owners.
  • Main plot length: 7 hours.

God of War (2018)

God of War (2018) was very close to exceeding the milestone of at least 50% of current or former owners of the game having completed the game. Very little was missing, but largely because many interested ones had rejected Kratos’ adventure before Baldur’s attack on the house of the God of War. It takes place after the prologue sequences, i.e. after + – half an hour of fun.

  • The first trophy (defend the house from a stranger) won by: 88.8% of the owners of the game.
  • The last story trophy earned by: 49.6% of the owners of the game.
  • Main plot length: 21 hours.


Marvel’s Spider-Man is undoubtedly the most enjoyable production on PlayStation 4. Satisfying rocking around bustling New York convinced as many as 50.7% of people who came into contact with the game to see the end credits, which should satisfy both Sony and Insomniac Games. In addition, Peter Parker apparently made a better first impression on the players, as 91% of those interested completed the first mission (comparable in length to Kratos and Atreus’ walk before the fight against Baldur).

  • The first trophy (defeat Fisk) won by: 91% of the game owners.
  • The last story trophy earned by: 50.7% of the game owners.
  • Main plot length: 17 hours.

Ghost of Tsushima

The second most ending “exem” on PS4 is Ghost of Tsushima, which is by many Ubi-Game from Sony. Fans of open worlds, and at the same time happy owners of PlayStation 4 consoles, started and ended the story of Jin Sakai with a smile on their faces. The first trophy was unmissable and you won it after 15-20 minutes of fun, including the introductory scenes.

  • First trophy (retrieve the Sakai clan katana) won by: 95.9% of the game owners.
  • The last story trophy earned by: 51.6% of the game owners.
  • Main plot length: 25 hours.

The Last of Us 2

Surprised? Looking at the length of the main thread – I am. Before tackling this article, I thought Spider-Man or God of War would be the most popular PS4 community-ending title, and here’s a surprise. The dark, dense climate of Ellie and Joel’s story was completed by almost 60% of game owners, and 91% of recipients received the first cup. What’s best, however, is that you get it only during the patrol with Dina, i.e. 30-45 minutes after the prologue. Not many people were rejected by TLOU 2 at the very beginning, right?

  • First trophy (upgrade equipment) earned by: 91% of game owners.
  • The last story trophy earned by: 58.9% of the game owners.
  • Main plot length: 24 hours.

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