The best roles of Carla Gugino, one of the main actresses of ‘Leopard Skin’

Olivia Crain in ‘The Haunting of Hill House’

In the summer of 1992, Hugh (Timothy Hutton) and Olivia Crain (Carla Gugino) temporarily settle in an old mansion, Hill Housewith their five children : Steven, Shirley, Theodora, Luke and Eleanor. But D’strange happenings begin to occur within the manor and mainly affect Olivia of which the behavior becomes more and more odd. One evening, Hugh and the children leave the house because of circumstances that are still very unclear for the Crain children but which lead to the dead of their mother. In 2018either 26 years after they left Hill HouseTHE children and their fatherwhose relationship has since been heavily affected, reunite after another tragedy which forces them to face their inner demons but also to open their eyes to what Hill House has made of them and the influence that this evil house still seems to have on them.

In this first season of this Netflix horror seriesloosely adapted from the novel ‘Haunted house’ of Shirley Jackson, Carla Gugino brilliantly embodies Olivia Crain, a mother who tragically disappeared leaving her five children orphans. Centered on appearance suicide of their mother, the series revolves aroundparanormal events Or psychological. There performance by Carla Gugino, who we find as narrator in the second seasonis simply outstanding !

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Jessie Burlingame in ‘Jessie’

A couple going away for the weekend in a isolated house. To spice up their anticsthe husband attached his wife in bed with handcuffs but suddenly he has a heart attack and collapses. His wife is therefore on her own, still tied to the bed.

In this psychological horror movie released in 2017, Carla Gugino interpreter jessiea woman who decided to indulge in naughty games with her husband Gerald (Bruce Greenwood). Games that will go wrong since the husband suddenly dies of a heart attack. Always handcuffed in bed at the secluded cabin in the woods, Jessie then confrontsstrange visionsof dark secrets and one terrible dilemma. There performance by Carla Gugino is once again amazing. This psychological thriller indeed allows the actress to show all the extent of his talent as his character struggles to releasewhile fighting his inner demons and his childhood trauma.

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Sally Jupiter in ‘Watchmen: Watchmen’

Adapted from the limited series of DC Comics ‘Watchmen’ by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbsons, ‘Watchmen: The Guardians’ takes place in a alternate reality where the UNITED STATES And Soviet Union are about to enter war and where a group of Super hero investigation of a machination which seems directed against them but actually hides a more global plan.

‘Watchmen: The Guardians’ is one of the best movies Carla Gugino. She embodies Sally Jupiteraka the Silken Specter I, a superhero retired from 25 to 67 years old during the movie. Aged 37 years during filming, Carla Gugino also delivered here a superb performance and gave of herself as she had to wear prosthetics and a silver wig to grow old.

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Emma Gaines in ‘San Andreas’

When the infamous San Andreas Rift ends up opening up and causing a earthquake of magnitude 9 in CaliforniaA helicopter pilot mountain rescue (Dwayne Johnson) and the women from whom he separated (Carla Gugino) leave Los Angeles For san francisco in hope of save their only child (Alexandra Daddario). As they engage in this dangerous journey upstate, thinking that the worst is soon behind them, they soon realize that the reality is even more appalling…

In this disaster movie released in 2015, Carla Gugino embodies Emma Gainesthe future ex-wife of Raymond Gaines (Dwayne Johnson). The ex-spouses must unite their strengths to try to save their girl. The duo performed by Gugino and Johnson works wonderfully.

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Rebecca in ‘Night at the Museum’

THE Natural History Museum of new York contains within its walls a mysterious and amazing secret that the new security guardLarry Daley (Ben Stiller), will not take long to discover with panic: the nightall the statues, skeletons And stuffed animals take life thanks to the magic tablet of the imaginary pharaoh Ahkmenrah! Under Larry’s eyes, Roman soldiers and miniature cowboys engage in a fierce war, Attila and his Huns begin to loot the nearby exhibits, the mummy tries to get out of its sarcophagus, the skeleton of the fearsome but endearing tyrannosaur prowls in the corridors… The chaos is complete! Will Larry be able to recover from the order in its collections and save the museum ?

In this American family comedy exit in 2006, Carla Gugino embodies, alongside Ben Stiller, Rebeccaa guide of museum. The latter is working on her thesis bearing on Sacagawea and ignores that the exhibits inside the museum come alive at night. It is Larry (Ben Stiller) who finally convinces her when he introduces her, during one of these nights, to Sacagawea in person. Building on its success, ‘Night at the Museum’ would later have three sequels.

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Ingrid Cortez in ‘Spy Kids’

Ingrid (Carla Gugino) and Gregorio Cortez (Antonio Banderas) are two ex-secret agents reputed who have abandoned the occupation for what is most precious to them: their children Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni Cortez (Daryl Sabara). Ignoring the pass of their parents and thinking that they cannot understand today’s youth, Carmen skipping class and June invents imaginary friends, taken from the universe of the television series Floop and its Fooglies, to escape his hard life as a child rejected by his sister and abused by a boy in his class. However, the pass parents will quickly reach the ears of their children when the two agents resume service after several of their former colleagues have disappeared. For save their parents in difficultyTHE children are then projected into the world of spy. It’s also an opportunity for Juni to meet the great Floop and his Fooglies.

‘Spy Kids’ is one of the most successful children’s feature films of the early 2000s. So much so that it will be followed by four other films, the last of which ‘Spy Kids: Armageddon’ is expected for this year. Carla Gugino embodies in the first part Ingrid Cortez, a mother but above all a world-class spy. The actress proves here again the full extent of her talent.

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