The best romantic movies on Prime Video and Netflix to watch to daydream

With the increase in cold weather, so did the desire to enjoy good relaxing movies pampered by the warmth of the duvet, and what’s more comforting than romantic films?

A vein that has been a bit neglected lately given the rift that has hit Hollywood in recent years and that is seeing prefer big blockbustersMarvel Cinematic Universe in the first place, and movies with indie vibes which still manage to conquer a large audience, but which until the beginning of the 2000s gave viewers many gems still highly appreciated by lovers of the genre who, in the absence of new productions worthy of the name, scan the streaming services in search of perfect romantic film for a nice rewatch.

From timeless classics, to genre cults, up to some new films created with the intention of reviving this beloved genre, here are the romantic movies and rom-coms not to be missed to get your heart warmed by real comfort movies!

Sooner or later I’m getting married and the other films of Jennifer Lopez, queen of rom-coms

We cannot speak of love films, or rather rom-coms, without mentioning those with protagonists Jennifer Lopez, a real queen of this genre. It was she who, speaking about it in an interview, started the debate on how Hollywood’s recent mania for pursuing the results of big blockbusters has crushed medium-budget productions, which included above all the numerous romantic comedies produced in the late 80s and early 2000s.

Of Jennifer Lopez we remember above all the film, cult of the genre, Sooner or later I get marriedwith co-star Matthew McConaughey. Available both on Netflix what up Amazon Prime Videosthis comedy is about a woman who is disappointed in love but is a fantastic wedding planner and who will find herself falling in love with the groom of the most important wedding she is working on.

The actress of Puerto Rican origins are also unmissable A five-star lovewith Ralph Fiennes and available on Amazon Prime Videos; Please, I’m a little pregnantwhich can be found at Kilos; and the most recent Marry Me with Owen Wilsonalso distributed by Amazon.

If Jennifer Lopez is one of the queens of romantic movies, Matthew McConaughey he was its king and starred in romantic films such as At home with his And The revenge of the ex. A must for lovers of the rom-com genre to get lost How to get dumped in 10 daysin which the Oscar-winning actor stars alongside Kate Hudsona combination so successful that it was re-proposed in the film Crazy about gold.

In How to Lose Yourself in 10 Days, available for streaming on Netflix And Amazon Prime Videosthe two protagonists are a journalist and a marketing officer of a major advertising agency who start dating, the first to get material for an article, the second to win a bet that will bring him a very important client.

While Kate Hudson’s character has the goal of being left behind, as the title of the film suggests, Matthew McConaughey’s character must be able to continue the relationship: the interaction between the two will therefore create amusing situations which will however lead to the birth of a true feeling.

Alone Julia Roberts could be the star of one romantic comedy that does not have the usual and obvious happy ending, but still manages to please the public. Neither My best friend’s Weddingstreaming on Amazon Prime Videosa food critic receives an invitation to the wedding of the friend with whom he had made a pact to marry if they were still single by the age of twenty-eight.

Thus she discovers that he is really getting married, but with another, and overwhelmed by jealousy and the knowledge that she is still in love with him, she decides to sabotage the marriage in every way. To amaze is the non-trivial ending for this kind of filmas well as the interpretation of Julia Roberts who in addition to this film has been the protagonist of other real cult of the romantic genre, namely pretty woman in which he starred alongside Richard Gerealso co-starring his own If you run away, I’ll marry you; And Notting Hillin which he made millions of romantics dream together with Hugh Grant.

The Proposal for Love and other romantic films starring Sandra Bullock

Also Sandra Bullock, an Oscar-winning actress, has been the protagonist of some romantic films that have captivated the public. In Blackmail of Love read alongside Ryan Reynoldsand plays an inflexible boss who forces her personal assistant to pose as her boyfriend to get her Green Card. A full-fledged rom-com, which exploits the hate-to-love storytelling which is always able to win over the audience.

This film is available on Amazon Prime Videoswhere you can also find Two weeks to fall in loveanother funny comedy in which Bullock stars with Hugh Grant.

If you want to focus more on romance than on laughter, there are other unmissable films by the talented American actress: A love of his own it’s a modern fairy tale about a lonely girl who finds love, but not in the way she hoped (it’s available on both Disney+ what up Amazon Prime Videos); The lake house of time is a poignant love story in which the protagonists, including Keanu Reeveswho live at different points in time, fall in love by exchanging letters arriving at the lake house they both are living in (this movie is also available at Amazon Prime Videos).

The pages of our lives and heartbreaking films from the pen of Nicholas Sparks

There are love movies that make you cry and this seems to be the characteristic of those taken from the books of Nicholas Sparks. Most of the stories told by this author, in fact, are about overwhelming and romantic lovesbut often the protagonists have to face challenges and torments to get their own happy ending, which often comes in a slightly bittersweet way.

When it came out at the cinema, The pages of our lifeconquered the public for being able to tell a unique love able to survive the passing of time and many difficulties: starring Rachel McAdams And Ryan Goslingthis super romantic movie is available on Netflixwhich allows us to see it again in all its glory, including the iconic scene of the overwhelming kiss that the two protagonists exchange, which also won a MTV Movie Awards how Best Kiss.

If you have a good supply of handkerchiefs and want to shed a few tears, in the “Nicholas Sparks Cinematic Universe” there are also other good love movies such as Love steps, The answer is in the stars, Dear John And The words I didn’t tell you.

When Harry Met Sally, a timeless classic starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal

From friendship to love: this is, in very few words, the plot of Harry meet Sally1989 film with Meg Ryan And Billy Crystal. Summarized in this way it doesn’t seem like much, yet these are the premises that led to the big screen one of the most famous romantic movies everas well as among the real progenitors of the genre of sentimental comedies.

You can see this iconic film at Amazon Prime Videoswhere you can discover other romantic films starring Meg Ryan such as City of Angelspoignant story in which Nicholas Cage plays an angel who discovers love; You’ve Got Mailsweet love comedy in which the male protagonist is Tom Hankswho also stars alongside Meg Ryan in Insomnia of Love; And Kate & Leopoldwith Hugh Jackman as a 19th century gentleman catapulted into chaotic contemporary New York.

Meet Joe Black, when Death has the face of Brad Pitt and makes us dream

Can Death Discover Love? In this movie with Brad Pitt And Anthony Hopkins Yes. The protagonist is a successful man, both at work and in his family life, and when the time has come for him, instead of taking him away with him, Death decides to spend time with him to explain what love is.

He will also be able to understand it thanks to Susan, one of the daughters of the character played by Hopkins, who will get very close to this mysterious man whom her father introduces to everyone as “Joe Black”. Meet Joe Black is available on Netflixbut take some time if you want to see it: the film is three hours long, well spent if you love i sentimental films with dramatic implications.

A prince of my own, or the films in which the prince charming really exists

The first love stories we heard are probably those of fairy tales about princes, princesses and royalty. If we want to rediscover these fairytale atmospheres even in some romantics, an indispensable series is certainly the one that starts with A prince of my own.

The first film, starring Julia Stilesis available at Netflix and talks about a girl who falls in love with a university classmate, only to discover that he is a real prince. There are several sequels (in which, however, the leading actress changes) to make fans of this story discover the fate of the two lovers.

There is always within the romantic royal vein Prince charming wantedon Disney+sequel to Pretty Princess in which the protagonist played by Anne Hathaway she must find a boyfriend in order to have a right to her throne.

Rom-com aficionados have often complained about how much their favorite genre is lapsed in the late 2000sbut the truth is that in recent years various platforms have tried to recreate the romantic and fun atmospheres of these films, churning out quite pleasant new films.

An example, which also arises as a parody of the genre, is Isn’t that romantic? (on Netflix) in which Rebel Wilson She’s just such a rom-com aficionado who finds herself living within the typical atmospheres of her favorite love stories, but is that really what she wants in her search for love?

Another film that spans the romantic comedy genre is Love Hard (Netflix) with Nina Dobrev trying to find love via app, set in the holiday season, or Holiday (Netflix), which follows the protagonist played by Emma Roberts while pretending to be engaged during the various holidays that would otherwise have to go single together with somewhat meddlesome family members.

Always on Netflix you can see The Royal Treatmentwith Mena Massoud (the Aladdin of one of the last Disney live action) in the role of a prince who falls in love with his betrothed’s hairdresser, while on Amazon Prime Videos the acclaimed is available Crazy & Richin which the protagonist finds herself meeting the (very rich) family of her perfect boyfriend, but discovering that she is not accepted by them.

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