The best smartphones of 2021. My TOP 3

As we have finished voting for the best phones in the Imperatory 2021 plebiscite, I can now & hairsp; – & hairsp; without worrying that someone will suggest my choice & hairsp; – & hairsp;

The best smartphones 2021: 3rd place – OnePlus 9 Pro

When the OnePlus 9 Pro came to me for testing, I called it a diamond in the rough. Huge potential was wasted by underdeveloped software, but fortunately it was refined in the following months.

OnePlus 9 Pro is a smartphone that captivated me with its consistency and striving to use the hardware potential. The last juices were squeezed out of the 120 Hz screen, because almost everything is displayed in the higher frame; optionally even movies on Netflix or YouTube, because the smartphone can liquefy them programmatically. This constant ultra-fluidity is addictive.

There is also a great camera with a solid telephoto lens, one of the best ultra wide-angle lenses on the market (it works even in difficult lighting conditions) and a very useful option to record 4K movies at 120 fps, which still hardly anyone thinks about.

Add super-fast charging, customizable software and great vibrations to it, and we get a phone that I really enjoy using.

The best smartphones 2021: 2nd place – Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

At one time, the peak of Xiaomi’s ambition was to release smartphones with the “good for its price” patch. Mi 11 Ultra is proof that the company can do something more. It is a phone that can be put on a par with the best Samsung, Huaweia and iPhones.

The smartphone is armed with one of the best and most functional cameras on the market, and the real icing on the cake is an additional screen on the rear panel. This one not only distinguishes the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra from the crowd of identical smartphones, but is also very practical; The main camera always takes better photos than the front camera, so making it easier to take a selfie is a great thing.

In addition to the camera and top equipment, I was very impressed with the attention to detail that I have not seen before in smartphones. In my opinion, Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Ultra have the most refined interface animations and the best vibrations on the market. They delight at every step, starting with the use of the fingerprint reader.

The best smartphones of 2021: place I – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the king of mobile photography for me. In 2021, I took almost 4,000 photos with it and still not enough.

I was captivated not only by the excellent quality of photography, but also the versatility of the camera. A matrix with a record resolution of 108 Mpix, an ultra-wide-angle lens with a macro mode and two telephoto lenses with a 3- and 10-fold optical zoom is an unbeatable combination. For the first time in my life, when I take my phone for a photographic excursion, I do not feel that I am limited by the equipment in implementing my ideas.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra also does not disappoint in other respects. The screen, the quality of workmanship, software, performance, stereo speakers or battery – all this is either great or at least very good. This time I had no problems with indicating the phone of the year.

Why ran out [wpisz nazwę telefonu]?

As I mentioned, this is a highly subjective list, but I will anticipate the most obvious shortcomings.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a great smartphone, but the real delight can arouse at most among long-term iOS users. “Trzynastka” does not do much more than what the android people have known for a long time.

Foldable smartphones? I am a huge supporter of them, but so far I am more convinced by the general idea than its previous projects. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – which in Poland has no real competition & hairsp; – & hairsp; is quite a compromise phone. It’s enough to mention that its camera stands out from what Samsung has already got used to by users.

In addition, my list only included smartphones available on the Polish market. Hence the lack of, among others Pixela 6 Pro, although in my opinion Google did a great job this year.

For the first time in a long time, I have also not awarded the award for the best value for money, because & hairsp; – & hairsp; due to the difficult market situation & hairsp; – & hairsp; prices could change from day to day. Redmi Note 10 Pro on the day of the premiere was a model of profitability for me, but the crisis on the chip market forced Xiaomi to increase prices by several hundred zlotys. And in the summary of the whole year, it’s hard for me to include an offer that was only valid for a moment.

And which smartphones made the biggest impression on you?

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