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Here is the best of the creative week, between sustainability, imagination and new paradigms, in our Review!

Heinz deciphers Roman numerals

THE Roman numbers that crowd the screens of the Super Bowl are not entirely welcome to the spectators of the competition, which they struggle to recognize them. Like this, Heinzwhich has the number 57 on his label and strongly believes that the tournament should use number formats only that everyone can understandrealizes once again theinsights of their consumers with LVII Meanz 57 which asks the public to express themselves on the meaning of the Roman numeral LVII: the result is singular e downright funny.

Agency: Rethink

The long day protecting privacy

Apple manages, with its usual mastery, in the enterprise Of to tell everything iPhone does throughout the day to protect the privacy of its users, and in the same weatherpromoting one of the most beloved characters from the original series German Period. The short movie it is a real dive, in the Cupertino way, into the specific characteristics of its hi-tech jewel.

Agency: TBWA/Media Arts Lab

Timothée Chalamet and the desire for Apple TV+

He may also be one of the hottest stars of the moment, but Timothee Chalamet it’s not up Apple TV+: the whole spot is crossed by various episodesall with the same file rouge. The actor yes complains that he has not yet appeared in any of the original series of the production company Apple, platform which is carving out its space around the giants of the sector and which in any case counts on absolute stars such as Jennifer Lawrence And Selena Gomez. He deserves a call from Cupertino?

Agency: TBWA/Media Arts Lab

Sennheiser improves conversation

Sennheiserhistorical leader in audio technologies, chooses the frontman of the Twisted Sister, Dee Sniderfor an exhilarating demo of the earphones Conversation Clear Plus, set in a crowded and noisy restaurant. An aging rocker he certainly is able to scream and sing at the top of their lungs covering every din, but ends up putting test your hearingthat the new Sennheiser earphones they help protect.

Agency: Terri & Sandy

Ford: The pickup was born to be put under pressure

AMV BBDO And Ford they abandon the classic terrain of automotive commercials with machines immaculate And landscapes idyllic: the new campaign shows all the robustness of the pick-up produced by the American car manufacturer, which moves through mud, steep roads and preposterous paths; the all without showing the slightest sign of yielding. Only at the end of the commercial, when the pickup proved to be in line with the expectations: who the guide he will recognize it like really his.

Agency: AMV BBDO

Pharmap solves problems

Two litigants and a grieving husband-brother at the mercy of one discussion: who will it be buy medicines?
The new spot of Pharmapa service that allows you to receive medicines from your own trusted pharmacy directly at homehe says in a way ironic and disruptive the usefulness of the service, focusing everything on one communicative register which for setting, characters and dialogues recalls the typical scenario of a sitcoms.

Robbie Williams and his passion for cats

Robbie Williams reveals all his passion for cats in the latest campaign Purinea reference brand in pet care, lending its voice to the little one Felix, mascot of the homonymous line. The spot, with a vein strongly ironicsees the soft-eyed kitten obscure completely the popularity of Williams who humbly leaves the scene to Felix e presents it to the public with its amazing talent.

Agency: AFG&

Trenord: a common destination

The new campaign of Trenord offers a story full of imaginationhope, humanity and environmental care. In all the journeys that are made every day, each has its own goal, with unique, intimate and absolutely personal goals and dreams. But what if one were added to those individual goals common and universal with a view to making the planet a better place?

Agency: Superhumans

Snaptchat: all possible worlds

Wait’ll you see this is a commercial of sixty seconds which aims to arouse the interest of the viewers with the filters typical of the Snapchat platform, leveraging as much as they can bring magic and amazement in a monotonous, sometimes banal daily life, taking advantage of the augmented reality. The campaign features ten filters unlockables from creators like Denis Rossiev, Deej Drobo and Marco Mesoraca: for to unlock each of the goals, viewers must to scan the code affixed to advertising using the camera of Snapchat.

Agency: In-house

Enk: the shoe that overturns the fashion paradigm

When it comes to fashion design and productionmost brands follow a well-tried path: design in Europe or in North America, production in one country developing. But the new campaign of the vegan sneaker brand enk and agency Accenture Song aims at turn this paradigm upside down: the talents that design the shoe come from bangladeshthe production since Portugal.

Agency: Accenture Song Germany

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Apple TV+ adds Dentsu Creative to US poster

Apple TV+ he chose Dentsu Creative as a new member of his US creative roster, entrusting her with some jobs that had historically been done by TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

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Italdesign chooses TBWA\Italia

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A new logo and a new payoff can only be the prelude to a new agency, TBWA\Italywho takes care of international repositioning and a new one brand identity Of Italdesign.

DLVBBDO has two new creative directors

The creative department of the agency led by Marianna Ghirlanda sees the entry of Thomas Casariniwhich will work in tandem with Federico Scalona. Together they will play the role of creative directors on several key clients of the historic agency.

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Unobravo and Daikin: Wavemaker Italy wins

the review of the advertiser-advertisement

Wavemaker Italy opens 2023 with the entry of several new customers, including Good one And daikins, both acquired after competitions.

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