the best streaming movies that tell this encounter / clash

What happens if human beings try to bend nature to their will or needs? These great films tell it in streaming …

What happens when the human being decides to immerse himself in the unspoiled nature and try to bend it to its own laws? Almost always something dramatic, represented by a clash between will and need that develops unexpected, if not tragic, consequences. The five streaming movies that we propose below have tried to investigate in their own way the comparison / clash between the logic of man (often expressed in the form of false progress) and the power of an environment governed by laws that are difficult, if not impossible, to codify. Enjoy the reading

Five great streaming films on the confrontation between man and nature

  • Lives sold
  • Corvo Rosso you won’t have my scalp
  • Fitzcarraldo
  • Into the Wild – In the wilds
  • Wild

Lives sold (1952)

Inspired by the beautiful novel by Georges Arnaud, the masterpiece directed by Henri-George Clouzot starring a Yves Montand at the head of a group of hopeless men who have to carry a cargo of nitroglycerin through the jungles of South America. The confrontation between these desperate and despicable human beings and a hostile nature because it is unwilling to bow to their violence creates a suffocating plot, beautifully expressed by the staging by the great French author. Lives sold it closes with a dizzyingly edited final sequence, which best personifies human madness and its illusion of domination over nature. Palme d’Or masterpiece in Cannes. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Corvo Rosso You Won’t Have My Scalp (1972)

The great cinematographic couple formed by the director Sydney Pollack and from the star Robert Redford makes this generational cult-movie, an atypical western about a pioneer who chooses to live isolated from the rest of the ruthless society trying to bend the impervious nature to its needs. Moments of great cinema we would dare to say animist make of Corvo Rosso you won’t have my scalp a monument to wild and beautiful settings. Scenes of realism at the time not experienced on the big screen for an epochal film, psychologically ready to test the viewer. An essential title. Available on NOW.

Fitzcarraldo (1982)

The wild and visionary cinema of Werner Herzog probably finds its maximum expression in this thunderous drama in the titanic undertaking to bring the Opera and Enrico Caruso to the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Fitzcarraldo it is based both on the author’s vision and on the mammoth interpretation of Klaus Kinski, who took the place of the great Jason Robards, who was suddenly ill. Feature film capable of expressing with undisputed beauty the fusion between natural scenarios and the human illusion of making them a frame for artistic inspiration. Only Herzog could think of such a masterpiece… Available on KILOS.

Into the Wild (2007)

Inspired by the magnificent book-truth written by Jon Krakauer, this melodrama directed by Sean Penn brings to the big screen the desire of a young person to abandon family, love, social conventions to live alone in nature. Into the Wild – In the wilds embraces this utopia in full, staging it in all its cinematic strength. Vital, desperate and beautiful film, with a great Emile Hirsch as the protagonist and in support of names of the caliber of William Hurt, Hal Holbrook And Kristen Stewart. Available on CHILI, Amazon Prime Video.

Wild (2014)

The late Jean-Marc Vallée stages the true story of a woman who to find herself has to face the arduous journey into a hostile nature, but still capable of inspiring human beings to improve themselves, to bring out the best of their human and moral abilities. Wild is dominated by a superb Reese Witherspoonbut also unveils the sober and touching rehearsals of Laura Dern And Thomas Sadoski. A very heartfelt film, at times intimate, which gives the two actresses the Oscar nomination. At times truly remarkable and exciting. Available on Rakuten TVKILOS, Google Play, TIMVisionAmazon Prime Video, Disney +.

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