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By purchasing an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad, or even with the Xbox Game Pass, you usually get a three-month free subscription to the Apple TV+ streaming platform. If you now find yourself in a position to ask yourself “and now what am I watching in these three months?”, here we are ready to recommend the best movies and TV series from Apple TV+.

Among the titles below there are productions from 2022 or even earlier, finished TV series and others still going on, special films and other unmissable ones, so before listing them, two warnings should be made. The first: we have only included films and TV series that we have seen, with references to individual reviews, so it may be that some content is missing that would deserve a place on this list, but we will fix it by updating it. The second: it is highly probable that after seeing these series and these films you will renew your subscription, even if you pay for it.

If you like football: Ted Lasso (comedy TV series)

Ted Lasso-2

It’s hard to make a movie or series about football, as every football lover knows. And it’s crazy that the Americans are able to do it, telling of an American football coach who – let’s say for a “Lombard” choice – is called to coach a fictitious Premier League team.

But Ted Lasso (who was a character invented years ago for a series of commercials, we explain it better in the review), even if he doesn’t even know the rules of what he calls soccer, he’s not a man to be intimidated, and he brings his singular and good-natured methods at the service of the club, not without some difficulty. With Jason Sudeikis.

Ted Lasso’s review and trailer

If You (Don’t) Work In An Office: Split (dystopian TV series)

severance tv series apple tv plus-2

Severance, in Italian Scissione, is in our opinion one of the most disturbing series ever. There is no violence, or blood, the idea is enough: an office where to work you have to undergo surgery which causes you to totally forget who you are in your private life when you arrive at the office, and when you leave from the office you forget completely what you did at work.

If at first glance it doesn’t scare you, an episode will be enough for you to change your mind and feel solidarity with Mark (Adam Scott), Irving (John Turturro), Dylan (Zach Cherry) and Helly (Britt Lower). But be warned: there’s only one season available, and the second isn’t coming anytime soon.

The review and trailer of Severance – Split

If You Love Tom Hanks: Finch (dystopian movie)


We love Tom Hanks, so we’re biased, but in Finch dear old Tom proves to be an absolutely crazy actor. This is Finch, he lives in a dystopian future where humanity is almost extinct and you can’t expose your skin to the sun because it’s highly radioactive, with what goes with it.

And Finch lives alone, with a few robots and a dog. This means that for a couple of hours there is only Tom Hanks on stage, and a voice actor for the robot to back him up. And as in Cast awayyou will certainly not be bored.

Finch review and trailer

If paradoxes (and podcasts) intrigue you: Calls (science fiction TV series)

A series like Calls has virtually no equal. It is made up of phone calls, of which we hear the audio while on the screen there are strange animations over which the words spoken by the characters scroll, and the episodes are apparently unrelated to each other, except for having a number of quirks in common.

In fact, in each episode something absurd, inexplicable happens, as if space were crumpling up on itself. A little style On the edge of reality, but more disturbing and with practically nothing to see. A series but also a podcast or an audiobook, basically.

Calls review and trailer

If you love fantasy: See (fantasy TV series)


If you have seen all the episodes of House of the Dragon And The Rings of Poweror if you haven’t seen them but are looking for a really well done fantasy TV series, then you have to see If it’swhich means to see in English.

Jason Momoa is Baba Voss and he is the protagonist of this series, of which the planned three seasons have been released and which has therefore ended, which speaks of a future in which humanity has almost become extinct due to a virus (and there we go again), and the few remaining are all blind. For generations, so much so that humanity has forgotten what sight is and indeed blames it for the bad things that have happened, and now everyone lives in tribal villages, until one day the news spreads that there is someone with just that lost sense.

The review and trailer of See

If you like “classic” science fiction: For All Mankind (science fiction TV series)


Science fiction but also uchronia (fan of Boris, we understand each other), because this TV series begins by imagining that in 1969, before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the Soviets arrived on the moon. And this little historical invention is enough to trigger a story, which has yet to end and which goes precisely from the 60s to the present and the future, of a space race between the two superpowers that has never stopped.

Yes, in practice the setback immediately causes the US to relaunch, in turn triggering the reaction of the Russians and so on, going well beyond what actually happened. However, all told with a truly impressive precision and verisimilitude, but we won’t tell you anything else. With Joel Kinnaman (House of Cardsthe first season of Altered Carbon), Michael Dorman, Sarah Jones, Sonya Walger, Shantel VanSanten.

For All Mankind review and trailer

If you are looking for a funny sitcom: Loot (comedy TV series)


Unfortunately, it’s increasingly difficult to find a good sitcom like it used to be. Here, if you are looking for one on Apple TV+, you have to give a chance to Lootstarring Maya Rudolph as Molly, who at the beginning of the series catches her multi-billionaire husband having sex with his secretary, and then immediately files for divorce, getting a loot of money.

And what does a multi-billionaire do after she’s bored with all the luxuries in the world? She decides it’s time to go see what the charity that bears her name is doing, and maybe try to help out. Or at least try…

Loot review and trailer

If (and only if) you love Jennifer Lawrence: Causeway (drama)


Causeways it’s not exactly a wonderful film, but it deserves to be on this list because Jennifer Lawrence is incredibly good at holding up a rather thin story in itself, that of a US Army engineer who after a brain trauma in Afghanistan returns home to relearn to live.

The Causeway review and trailer

If you are a fan of Ethan Hawke and Ewan McGregor: Raymond and Ray (dark comedy film)


Again, don’t expect a particularly compelling plot, but even in this case the two stars hold up the scene very well from start to finish.

McGregor and Hawke are Raymond and Ray, two half brothers who discover that their father, who has always treated them terribly and inflicted unspeakable trauma on them, is dead. And he has explicitly requested that his children dig his grave. Needless to say, Raymond and Ray go to the funeral…

Raymond & Ray’s review and trailer

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