The big hug of the faithful to Don Carlo Candido – Il Golfo 24

of Pasquale Baldino and his Branches

Last Saturday, October 1, on the anniversary of St. Teresa of the Child Jesus, a large crowd gathered in the Church of the Holy Spirit in Ischia Ponte to greet the exemplary parish priest, Don Carlo Candido. Many were the moved faithful who gratefully embraced him, appreciative of his testimony of faith, of his daily commitment, of his being a “safe haven” for anyone who felt lost.

We, the Baldino family, to express our gratitude and above all the immense affection that binds us to him, wanted to dedicate this short letter to him:

“Very expensive Don Carlo Candido,

we are all here to thank you and above all to thank God who has put you on our path of faith for which you have been fundamental. Each of us has found in your person another example to inspire, other advice to follow, the courage to cry out aloud the Love for God and for Mary our Mother, the faith that fills your heart and gives you a glimpse clear about life; the strength to carry crosses and love them, but above all the will to overcome difficult moments. God has big plans for each of us, even if they are often challenging and incomprehensible, but sure that their end is beautiful.


It goes without saying that we will miss you and that losing your presence and closeness will be difficult, but God will help us… The entire island will miss you. You who are frank, sincere, generous, faithful to doctrine and do not love hypocrisy and falsehood. You have always been an exemplary and tireless parish priest, who directs a pastoral ministry that is always full of events and profoundly Catholic, crowded with the faithful, old, young and always many children (even our large family), the authentic future of the Church: your writings and your homilies are the constant, solid deposit of the Faith from which there is always something to learn and convert everywhere. A favorite Gift of Mary Most Holy, Mystical Spouse of the Holy Spirit (textual words from an article by Pasquale Baldino).


Your departure was not clear, but if this is God’s will we cannot but accept it. Wherever you go, you will always be a beloved apostle who, like John, remains faithful, together with Mary, under the Cross.

As Saint Pio said, the canvas that we see only below is now full of knots, sometimes it seems ugly to us, but one day when we see it from above it will be a stupendous drawing, the drawing of the Lord.

We will continue to follow you and seek you out for your precious advice and teachings, which have helped us so much lately after the earthly loss of our father. May God always keep us with the hand of the Madonna, and with the hope of being able to experience Easter Joy together.

And as dad would have said: “Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!”. “Ave Maria and forward”, “I’m all yours, oh Maria!”. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, WE LOVE YOU FOREVER!! BALDINO FAMILY WITH ALL THE MANY ADDITIONS.We greet you with this poem by our father, Pasquale Baldino, shown on the side.

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