The Big Sky – Season 3: The Boys star Jensen Ackles joins the cast

ABC’s The Boys star and Supernatural veteran, beloved Jensen Ackles, join the cast of the TV series The Big Sky.

The Big Sky – the ABC TV series starring the beloved Lagertha of Vikingsor 43-year-old Katheryn Winnick – he adds to his season 3 a great veteran of TV series. A face, the one chosen by the series broadcast on Disney +, which will appear on the screens of Amazon Prime Video users in June with the new season of the bloody and masterful The Boys. Jensen Acklesafter having been the face of the beloved Dean Winchester in for fifteen years Supernatural, opens up to new roles, very different from each other. Ackles, an actor extraordinary in his ability to interpret both comedy and drama, will be able to show all his nuances as an interpreter in the new acting experiments that he will go to experiment.

Based on The Highwaythe first book in CJ Box’s Cassie Dewell series of novels, the series The Big Sky comes from A + E Studios. Written by David E. Kelley ,The Big Sky is a procedural thriller in which the private detective Cassie Dewell collaborates with former cop Jenny Hoyt in search of two sisters who were kidnapped by a truck driver on a remote highway in Montana. When they discover that these aren’t the only missing girls in the area, they must race against time to stop the killer before another woman is caught.

In the cast we already find Katheryn WinnickRyan Phillippe, Natalie Alyn Lind, John Carroll Lynch, Dedee Pfeiffer and Brian Geraghty. Jesse James Keitel (Fluidity) will play Jerrie. Jensen Ackles has already appeared as a guest star in the second season of The Big Sky in the role of Deputy Sheriff, Beau Arlen. The role of him, in season 3 of The Big Sky, will instead become a regular cast member, accompanying the story for the duration of the series. Jensen Ackles, with the role of him in the crime drama and his interpretation of Soldier Boy, will have to entertain fans with many other brilliant performances and roles absolutely different from Dean Winchester!

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