The Birth Chart of Robert Pattinson who turns 36 today

No one seems to really know Robert Pattinson who has always given himself little to meetings and interviews, but since his silence he has never failed to bewitch us in all the films in which he has taken part. What do we know about him? We know from astrology that he is a Taurus with a Cancer Moon – should all of this fascination surprise us?

Robert Pattinson’s Birth Chart

Robert Pattinson was born on May 13, 1986 under a lucky star, undoubtedly, but although his astral picture has all the credentials for success, it also tells the story of a person who had to build his fortune. Although his birth time has never been confirmed, it was he himself who said in an interview with WIRED that he has a Taurus Ascendant – dear Robert, at this point we trust you, but see you didn’t miscalculate . Either way we can be sure who Pattinson is a bull made and finished: with that calm and composed attitude, he gives us a sense of solidity and composure that almost nothing seems to disturb. His is the fascination of someone ruled by Venus, the planet of Taurus, and Mia Wasikowska was not entirely off the mark who in the same interview hypothesizes that Robert is a Gemini – in the end his Venus is right in the sign of Gemini, from which we read its most ironic side.

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With that Moon in Cancer we can expect a sensitive, empathetic and attentive Pattison to human emotions, combined with the tauresque nature tells of a very protective and careful individual to take care of the people he loves. She is a powerful and expressive emotional Moon, considering the harmonious relationship she forms with her Mercury in Taurus: Robert has a great need to communicate and as long as he can tap into the well of emotion we can be sure he will continue to do great work on screen .

Perhaps the strongest element of his Natal Chart is Mars in Capricorn: the planet of action in the pragmatic and constructive sign of Capricorn is at its best, describes an ambitious, determined, but also concrete and structured Pattinson. The new Batman is a man with a clear plan even in the face of adversity, aware of his limitations and his strengths. If we talk about ambitions and career development, we discover that the key to his success is Jupiter: with the harmonious relationship he forms with Mars we see an active attitude, which gets involved with positivity, believing in one’s success. The planet of abundance and good fortune is found in Pisces indicating an open view of the world and a belief in possibilities

It is no coincidence that many key moments in Pattinson’s career implied Jupiter. The very first Twilight hit theaters while Uranus, the planet of revolutions, was conjunct his Jupiter and meanwhile Jupiter was transiting his midheaven, the hottest spot with regards to realizing our ambitions – it was literally for him a revolution, as well as a turning point for his career. To date, the release of the new Batman on March 3 has made him return to the center of attention, just at the moment in which Jupiter was passing through Pisces conjunct her natal chart. Robert’s Return of Jupiter is perhaps coinciding with a rediscovery of his talent and with the Eclipses that are happening right in his sign, it wouldn’t surprise us if we saw him discover other parts of himself. If we add to this that in the summer of 2023 Jupiter will enter Taurus, this personal change can soon bear new fruit. What is opening a new era for Robert Pattinson?

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