The bizarre revelation his father-in-law made after marrying an 18-year-old girl

Sadio Mane In recent days, he has been the talk of everyone because of his marriage to Aisha Tamba, a young woman who just turned 18 years old.When a striker prepares to play African Cup of NationsThere is a lot of talk about weddings right now It was his father-in-law who posted the curious news about the new marriage.

Arab League Al Nasr’s current attacker is 31 years old He caused an uproar by marrying a girl who had just turned 18 and whom he was said to have been dating. But her father broke his silence and told what happened.

The situation triggered a wave of comments on social networks, from those who celebrated the love between the two to those who questioned the age difference between him and her.

Aisha Tamba and Sadio Mane

Aisha Tamba and Sadio Mane


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What Sadio Mane’s father-in-law says about the marriage

After the reaction, Aisha Tamba’s father Amadou Tamba spoke about his daughter’s marriage to the successful footballer who plays for Bayern Munich.

First of all, it should be noted that Aisha met Sadio through her father, as he was a friend of Bakari Cisse, the football player’s agent. According to the man, They made a deal two years ago that he would marry his daughter.

In a conversation with Senegalese media, he told how everything was put together according to the traditions and customs of his land. “One day my wife and daughter visited Mane’s familya, that’s where he first met her. He probably saw something special in her and her parents liked her. Then they came to see me. According to tradition, we We agreed on everything and were waiting for this day to come.“, explain.

Sadio Mane and Aisha Tamba

Sadio Mane and Aisha Tamba


Despite the rumors, Dumbo clarified, “They didn’t date before because Aisha was still young.” They waited until she was 18 to hold the wedding, even though legal consent is obtained at 16 in the African country.

even There is speculation that Mane was the one who funded her studies. The striker is known for his philanthropy and the funds he donates to charities to support those most in need.

The wedding of Sadio Mané and Aisha Tamba took place on January 7 at her home in Keur Massar, a suburb of the capital Dakar. It’s quite intimate. Reportedly, only family and friends attended, and the photos then went viral.

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