The Blind Side, when Sandra Bullock was about to walk away from her Oscar-winning role

The road to success is paved with choices, and not always the one that at a certain moment seems the right one will prove to be the right one in hindsight: let’s think, for example, of the sensational opportunity that Sandra Bullock would have missed if she had followed her instinct and had given up during the filming of The Blind Side!

Let’s start from the beginning: not everyone knows that the role for which our Sandra would have brought home her first (and, for now, only) Oscar for Best Actress was initially offered to Julia Robertswho declined the offer because she was not convinced that she was the right person to play a fervent Christian like Leigh Anne Tuohy.

The Notting Hill star was replaced by Sandra Bullock, whose approach to John Lee Hancock’s film, however, was anything but happy: the Gravity star was in fact convinced that she was doing a bad jobto the point of seriously considering abandoning the filming and relinquishing his place as the protagonist.

In fact, Bullock valued Hancock’s commitment to writing the film, and was terrified of frustrate his efforts ruining everything: the crisis, however, somehow returned, leading to the results that we know well! To find out more, however, here we leave you our review of The Blind Side.

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