The blockade anticyclone extends heat and drought even in November

The period of anomalous heat and drought caused by a continues block anticyclone which has been stationed for two weeks in the Euro-Mediterranean area where it will persist for at least another 7-8 days, extending its influence even at the beginning of November for the bridge of all Saints. Today temperatures have reached summer values ​​in the far south and beyond, with a daily maximum of + 34 ° C in Francofonte, + 33 ° C in Palagonia, + 32 ° C in Caltagirone, + 31 ° C in Syracuse, Castelvetrano, Salemi, Calatafimi, Porto Torres, Oristano and Iglesias, + 30 ° C in Catania, Reggio Calabria, Caltanissetta, Modica, Augusta, Mazara del Vallo, Sciacca and Licata, + 29 ° C in Trapani, Agrigento and Olbia, + 28 ° C in Cagliari, Sassari and Pantelleria, + 27 ° C in Rome, Palermo, Foggia, Guidonia, Cosenza, Frascati, Cerignola, + 26 ° C in Bologna, Pisa, Ancona, Viterbo, Latina and Jesi.

This hot so anomalous will continue in the next few days, as we can see in the maps accompanying the article that are referred to Sunday 30 And Monday 31 October. The proportions of theanticyclone which extends from the Maghreb to Lapland, causing a blockage of the Atlantic circulation while an area of ​​low pressure on Crete will cause anomalous cold in the central Mediterranean and in Libyan and Egyptian North Africa.

Temperatures will drop a little from Saturday 29 only in the far south, in Calabria and Sicily, but they will remain very high throughout the Center / North and especially in Central Europe, where we will have record swings with temperatures over 10 ° C higher than the averages for the period.

The end of this great anomaly that has allowed Italy, as well as much of Europe, to save a huge portion of the storage of energy raw materials is not yet in sight due to the absence of the need to use unlike heaters of the other years. A trend that could continue also in the month of November, at least in its initial part. In addition to the anomalous heat, however, the problem of drought is worsening and is starting to become serious even in some basins in the South which, on the other hand, did not have any kind of criticality until September. But the absence of rain in autumn made the situation worrying, and it could become serious if the great autumn rains do not return in November, of which at the moment there is not even a shadow on the horizon.

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