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Andrea Adamo (courtesy ANDREADAMO)

Turning a moment of crisis into an opportunity is no small act of courage. A challenge capable of involving certainties and fixed points, preparing for a leap into the void that only the truly daring, rigorously without a parachute, are able to do. An exaggeration? Not when it comes to the ascending parable of Andrew Adam, a young designer who could have continued to cultivate dreams of glory without, so to speak, putting his face on it and who instead wanted to get out of his comfort zone to give life, and above all shape, to his desire. And not only. Because the designer from Crotone finds himself today, just over two years after that step which on paper seemed like a gamble, at the head of his own brand, which is the perfect mirror of the present time, a beloved uniform capable of dressing bodies and souls of a generation on the move that finds its legitimacy in that aesthetic full of messages. Far from sterile genre games, free from any physical limit, always absolutely proactively projected into the future. And the fact that Andrea Adamo’s style fully reflects his personality makes the result achieved by the designer even more important than it already is, a manifestation of an awareness that is, on balance, the key to authentic success. «I started from myself, from my story to show who I really am and what message I want to convey», declared the designer. Strictly couture and research. With a media impact, with a strong cosmopolitan vocation. Revolutionary in a gentle way for that weapon of his aimed at inclusiveness and equality from which it is impossible to escape.

Not bad for a boy who hasn’t even studied fashion, but who has breathed the passion for clothes from an early age. In fact, Andrea Adamo’s grandmother was the seamstress that the Crotone district, where the future designer was born in 1984, fought so much for her skill. Her nephew was fascinated by it and, even before picking up a needle and thread, she drew without rest seeing a day like that Gianni Versace with which he was equally infatuated. But things went a little differently and after graduating from a graphic designer, the young man enrolled in theAcademy of Fine Arts in Bologna, working in a call center to support himself. He didn’t lack his talent and he didn’t even lack the audacity to throw himself into a project despite having no technical training whatsoever. Which, he was sure, he would learn directly in the field. The opportunity came in the form of an internship from Les Copains which convinced him once more of the goodness of his intentions. And in fact, immediately after graduating, Andrea Adamo officially began his adventure in fashion by entering directly from the main door, that is the one of the style office where he took care of eveningwear with its extraordinary corollary of red carpet dresses, custom made creations precious and catch likes at every latitude. A decisive and unfolding experience over twelve years which greatly influenced the formation of the young designer and which led him to work alongside Elisabetta Franchi, Roberto Cavalli, Zuhair Murad And Ingie Paris in Paris and in the atelier of Dolce&Gabbana, where he was head designer celebrities and special projects. Precisely this privileged relationship with international stars of the caliber of Madonna, Zendaya, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez And Bella Hadid it would prove to be very important for his future and, certainly, it gave him a healthy injection of confidence to concretely realize his vision.

Indeed, it was in the suspended time of the lockdown that Andrea Adamo found the right push to create something new and of his own, which was free from pre-packaged aesthetic constraints, genderless and even colourless, based on a few essential creative codes that were necessarily in in line with the values ​​of diversity and body positivity in which he blindly believed. Without forgetting, of course, all the personal and introspective baggage of a young man who was rethinking himself, his history and his identity and who had his ideal starting point in his surname. The why is simple. Adam, the first man according to biblical tradition, was also without shame towards his own body, naked and ready to face the world without any other screen than his skin. Of course, in 2020 it was not exactly conceivable to dress only in one’s own nudity, but what mattered was the concept of equality and fidelity to oneself, also exacerbated by the contemporary Black Lives Matter movement, to whose message Andrea Adamo could not remain indifferent « because creativity must tell the current time, be a response to the demands of the present and express new messages».

From here a new aesthetic began, expressed by knitwear with a second skin texture declined in shades that recalled the epidermis of every race, the healthy bearer of a powerful message that celebrated the pride of the individual and diversity as an essential strength that transitioned, too, from every possible skin tone. A collection, the spring-summer 2021 called Nude, whose «garments are created for all women who share my idea of ​​femininity, beyond curves and skin color, for this reason no tone is defined by a name but they are all called Nude 01, 02, 03 or 04» (see MFF of 24 February 2021). And not only. Andrea Adamo, who until then had worked with fluid and rich fabrics, perfect accomplices of spectacular evening dresses, precisely to exaggerate the key concept of his label, called not by chance LET’S GO, chose to use knitwear and jersey worked with a special seamless technology that created seamless garments for an irresistible effect. With those creations able to wrap around the body until they merge with it. With those models in ribbed elastic knitwear that became one with the skin, without cuts, extremely elastic, presented in color variants that smacked of humanity, acceptance, inclusion. With a presentation in which the models looked naked while being clothed. Which, in fact, remained his main stylistic figure and the key element of his rapid rise.

A lucky debut, if it is true that the main international department stores won exclusive rights to its offer (see MFF of 19 May 2021) and that the designer himself resumed his privileged relationships with his beloved celebrities, spending himself personally to please them. The super top Joan Smallsthe actress Vanessa Kirbythe immortal Cindy Crawfordand then again Elodies, Victoria Ceretti, Clare Ferragni as far as Kyle Jenner who fell so much in love with her clothes and, in particular, with her white top, that her success went viral after a post on Instagram. But Andrea Adamo, far from resting on his laurels, has projected his vision even further, determined to consolidate his nascent brand awareness by continuing to explore a creative path full of variations, in which there is room for other yarns, for new inserts, for games of volume, but where the primary identity remains strong and decidedly open to all. His (wo)man remains the signature at the base of his philosophy which leaves the most absolute freedom in wearing the garments, both for women and men, since the only criterion of choice is based, simply, on the fact of feel yourself. A real empowerment of the individual that has ancient roots and that Andrea Adamo finds in the profound esteem for another great fashion figure, who in his empyrean personal is next to Gianni Versace, or thatYves Saint Laurent which he recognizes, among other things, the ability to promote a personal statement that goes beyond the physicality and color of the skin. In the name of respect, for one’s neighbor and for oneself, which has always been true luxury. «I like to think that my work contributes to overcoming prejudices. Pride in one’s own uniqueness, the freedom to experience nudity is fundamental. In this sense, my clothes come to life through the personality of the wearer», said Adamo (see MFF of 9 November 2021). (All rights reserved)

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